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2021 European Basketball Championship Playoffs - What end for former kings?

FPT News , 04-29-2021 12:18

The elimination of Europe's most attractive basketball tournament EuroLeague 2021 will return tonight in Vietnam time. Four powerful teams of "old continental basketball" will surely never disappoint the audience.

The Playoffs EuroLeague 2021 ringing has also landed with 4 pairs of matches:

 00:00 - April 23: Anadolu Efes Istanbul vs Real Madrid
 01:45 - 23/04: AX Armani Exchange Milan vs FC Bayern Munich
 00:00 - April 24: CSKA Moscow vs Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul
 02:00 - April 24: FC Barcelona vs Zenit St Petersburg

 Basketball fans worldwide are focusing their attention on this "fateful" group, waiting for the names to register in the next round.

It is the first time these two clubs have faced each other at P.O since 2015. Real Madrid is really in ominous form in the late season. They lost 5 matches and dropped to 6th place in the standings. Meanwhile, Efes has very high sublimation moments. In the group stage, both teams also had a 1-1 draw after two matches.
 It will also be a confrontation of the two clubs capable of throwing the best 3 points in the tournament, with an average of 10.3 3-point throws per game for Real; and that number is 10.1 for Efes.
AX Milan will return to the Playoffs for the first time in 7 years since 2014. They will face the Munich team for the first time in the Playoffs' history.

 Entering this P.O round, Munich was utterly at a disadvantage against Milan when they both lost the two times the two teams met in the Regular Season. Milan have "home advantage" in this P.O series, and do not forget; they won 7 matches before the group stage ended.
It is a fateful rematch of the two teams. The last time these two teams met at the Playoffs was at the Series Finals in 2016.

 Predictably, the pair will have a real clash when 4/10 matches in the period from 2016 to the present of the two teams must end with extra time. CSKA Moscow is the club with the best scoring ability in the league with an average of 84.1 points/game. That is the bold mark of COACH Itoudis. And indeed, this team will continue to show their ability to attack terror in the mortal round.

FC Barcelona is the team that ranks at the top of the Regular Season and Zenit, representing Russia, is the 8th team. It will be the confrontation of two teams with the best quality defense in the tournament. Barca is the team with the lowest average loss score in the match (73.6 points) in the group stage. Meanwhile, Zenit is right behind (74.9 points).

 This is the 5th time they have met so far. Before that, Barca had won 3/4 matches. This club has a 12-5 record in the Regular Season this season at "their home stage," it will be an advantage for teachers and coaches Sarunas Jasikevicius. Meanwhile, Zenit has a perfect mentality when he has ten consecutive wins before entering P.O. However, Barca will still be the team with more advantages with a good record of the group stage.

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