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Animation fascination series to help children relieve the pressure of learning

FPT News , 04-16-2021 08:12

In recent years, the stress of studying and examining is exceptionally high, even for elementary school students.

Adults, sometimes when they have stress too much with life, or sometimes suddenly remembering a childhood memory, often wish to "return to be a happy child." We assume that children are not under pressure, but the truth is precisely the opposite of what you think. Today, most children have to deal with a tremendous amount of work. Not only studying at school, but most children also have to go to extra classes at night to supplement their knowledge at school or learn foreign languages, sports, and culture.

Therefore, children also need to relax and rest like adults. Here, let's look at the attractive movies on Foxy TV application of FPT Television so that children can enjoy their weekend and refresh their minds after a long day of stressful study.

The Oddbods Show (Vietnamese title: Nhung nguoi ban ki la)

 On the top of the list is The Oddbods Show - a CGI animated film produced by Singapore, revolving around seven lovely friends named Fuse, Slick, Bubbles, Zee, Pogo, Jeff, and Newt. Each character has an entirely different color and personality: from someone who is always cheerful to someone whose face is always cranky, or even a fragile girl who easily cries... In each episode, the group of friends always have mischievous jokes. Although they always destroy the village, the characters' creativity and intelligence always show through each action and situation they have to solve. Together, The Oddbods will have to go through everyday situations but then turn them into extraordinary adventures and full of laughter.

Smurfs (Vietnamese title: Xi Trum)

Originating from comic books, Smurfs has gradually become one of the most popular animation franchises worldwide, with animated series and live-action movies with impressive sales. The story revolves around the life of a tiny green tribe called the Smurfs. They live in mushroom-shaped houses in an unpeaceful village. Each member of the Smurfs clan is named based on their personality or role, such as Ti Vua, Tí Quau, Ti Dieu, Ti Do, Ti Pha, Ti Co Nuong, ... Because they are exceptional, so the Smurfs always have to avoid the ruthless pursuit of the wicked witch Ga Men.

Smart Asterix (Vietnamese title: Asterix Thong Minh)

Asterix is ​​a brilliant, brave warrior with a small stature. His best friend is fat, gluttonous, innocent, and he is very kind - Obelix. In every adventure, the couple always together solves challenge tasks in a new and highly humorous way. Not only are they hilarious situations, but Smart Asterix also brings children to many different mythical lands, with mysterious creatures that are extremely worried. Indeed, the Asterix and Obelix couple's adventures will bring the children the most relaxing and comfortable moments after tiring and stressful school hours.

Readers can access HERE to learn more about FPT Television and Foxy applications.