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Becky – "the child version of John Wick" with action scenes

FPT News , 04-10-2021 09:31

Becky revolves around a 13-year-old girl's journey to find a way to save her family from a gang of thugs.

Becky 2020 (Vietnamese title: Ky Nghi Toi Te) is a sensational action work for audiences aged 18 years old, tinged with violent colors by the couple director Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion. The film is considered a perfect combination between Home Alone's plot and the violent nature of Assassin John Wick. The 15-year-old actress Lulu Wilson caught her diverse acting when she played the leading role, Becky. 

The movie's story begins when the little girl Becky Spunky (Lulu Wilson) and her father plan a weekend vacation in a house near the lake. After her mother's sudden death last year, Becky and her father's relationship gradually became distant. She hopes this will be an opportunity for them to become closer. However, Beck's plan quickly collapsed when his father decided to invite his new lover to attend.

The incident became tenser when a group of criminals invaded the family homestay. Four thugs, led by Dominick (Kevin James), are neo-Nazis. Becky, fortunately, escaped the siege while they used a gun to intimidate each person in the house. There is no other way; she must go out to rescue her family and her dear dog.

During the 90 minutes, Becky 2020 has many segments that make viewers heart-pounding. The movie's action scenes take place relatively quickly and decisively, bringing the direction of the famous series Assassin John Wick. As the series progresses, the film becomes gore and violent as the story begins to go into drama. Angry because gangsters tortured her father, the violence started when Becky became hysterical uncontrollably.
Convincing acting of the child star

Becky's role proves Lulu Wilson was a prospect face of cinema when he started his acting career at 3. Lulu has an envious movie fortune with famous horror works such as Ouija: Origins of Evil, Annabelle: Creation of demons, and Deliver Us from Evil …

Getting rid of the "haunted kid" image, Lulu Wilson plays a smart and dynamic girl in Becky. It makes many viewers think of Macaulay Culkin of Home Alone, but the point that makes her personality is her formidable acting skills during Bad Vacation with her realistic action scenes that even "hard-core" actors have to falter.

Meaningful content when eliciting family feelings

Becky marks the third collaboration of director duo Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott. The duo performed Becky to create an entertaining movie, but the work had many filming difficulties during the global pandemic. Even Becky's schedule at the Tribeca Film Festival 2020 was canceled because of the epidemic.

Like the in-depth horror works of James Wan (The Conjuring) or Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House), the story of the little girl Becky also emphasizes family affection. At the beginning of the film, viewers could not help but pity when Becky quietly watched an old clip about the deceased mother. The image of the mother lying in the hospital constantly intertwines in the memory of a 13-year-old girl. That partly explains Becky's traumatic mentality, as well as the motivation for her to resolve to rescue her father from unknown evil men.

Unexpected ticket sales at the cinema during a global pandemic

The film received quite good feedback from critics. Author Dennis Harvey of Variety commented that the film achieved "top horror with sensational scenes". Wilson's performance is said to be the "key" of the film, enhanced by the supporting cast. Becky 2020's success was creating "moments of real horror, mixed with humor and grimness".
Produced with a mere 5 million dollars in the budget, Becky 2020 was a surprise hit at the box office, grossing more than $ 50 million, ten times the original capital. The positive sales have prompted manufacturers to greenlight the sequel project (sequel) as well. Lulu Wilson personally confirmed that she is always ready to participate in telling the story of Becky. If successful, Becky is likely to become an action series that is equally attractive and hit as Assassin John Wick.
Becky 2020 is currently available at the Film section on FPT Television. Readers see detailed information on fan page facebook.com/truyenhinhfpt;; Website facebook.com/truyenhinhfpt; or contact hotline 19006600.