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Customers in Thanh Hoa give favorable feedbacks about Fiber-optic service of FPT Telecom

FPT News , 12-05-2017 11:41

Thanh Hoa is currently one of the provinces where the FPT Telecom infrastructure has been fully opticalized. In the latest customer survey, FPT Telecom received remarkable results with 90.1% of customers assessing the transmission speed as fast, stable and normal.

FPT Telecom started to provide Internet service since 1997 when Internet emerged in Vietnam. After sustained efforts, FPT Telecom has become one of the leading service providers with 51% of its shares under the state management.  

After 20 years accompanying Vietnam Internet, FPT Telecom remains in the right direction with the high quality product line: High-speed Internet - Professional and fast customer services. In May, FPT Telecom launched the fastest Internet package in Vietnam - SOC 1Gbps for customers wanting to experience the ultra-high speed Internet. In addition, FPT Telecom always strive to ensure troubleshooting time within only 4 hours, extend the customer service hours each day to 9 PM.

These are advantages creating differences, which makes customer trust and use the Internet service of FPT Telecom.

Installing standard fiber-optic equipment in Thanh Hoa

FPT Telecom has provided services in 59 provinces and cities, and is carrying out opticalization in most regions nationwide. Thanh Hoa is one of the provinces where the opticalization campaign has been completed. It is a joyful success as customers of FPT Telecom will experience better Internet services. After the customer phone survey, FPT received positive results in terms of service quality: 89.4% of customers said that the transmission quality was consistent and normal; 90.1% of customers said that the transmission speed was fast and normal.  

Nguyen Tan Thanh (Bim Son, Thanh Hoa) said: “My family has used FPT for the past few years, from copper cable to fiber optic cable, we feel satisfied most with the high but stable speed. I work much at home, so I tried and experienced Internet services of many providers before choosing my favorable one.”

FPT Telecom always listens to all feedback, which helps us improve our service quality. Customers is always put at the center of FPT Telecom direction and we want to satisfy them everyday.

For consultation and installation of fiber optic cable, please contact hotline: 18006000