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Data security solution during “work from home” time

FPT News , 05-20-2021 13:00

Due to the stressful situation of the COVID epidemic, many businesses have temporarily allowed employees to work from home.  But the issue of document management and security in the 4.0 era is always a difficult problem.
Data protection is always a top priority for companies, particularly in the 4.0 technology age, where personal information is routinely stolen with ease. However, not everyone understands the significance of document security when operating and sending messages.  However, not everyone understands the significance of document security when operating and sending messages. Many people have preferred the conventional method of using USB to hold essential documents when the laptop or home PC has a low capacity that makes it difficult to save or store so many files.
However, this is an impossible way to do it because not only is it easy to miss, and losing USB has severe implications, but it is also a low-security solution when it is not currently USB. Even if passwords are in place, hackers can easily steal sensitive data from companies and sell it on the black market, resulting in significant losses.
công dụng bất ngờ của USB có thể bạn chưa biết
Therefore, in order to be able to absolutely protect information safety for office workers and businesses, FPT Telecom has launched the Fsend solution to provide users with a free large file transfer first email in Vietnam.

Fsend allows users to send files up to 20GB with high speed and safety.  Businesses can rest assured when using Fsend to transmit and keep confidential information secure.  With outstanding utilities such as ease of use just like regular email, fast and effective effects, Fsend is currently the solution of many large enterprises to protect their confidential data.
iới thiệu dịch vụ Fsend và chính sách
Accompanying Fsend is the secure data sharing social network Fshare.  With a modern and secure cloud computing technology platform (Cloud Computing).  Fshare allows users to store and share data for colleagues, partners, ... anytime, anywhere, in addition, the unlimited upload capacity helps the working-at-home association to download data safely.  for work during the Covid-19 time.
share - Giải pháp tối ưu cho người dùng lưu trữ và chia sẻ dữ liệu khô

Fshare is designed with an interface that uses Vietnamese, for the needs of Vietnamese people.  Currently, Fshare service is one of the best cloud shared hosting services in Vietnam and has expanded internationally.  In addition to the outstanding feature of storing all kinds of heavy data such as working documents, games, software, movies, ... Fshare also helps customers to share data with others safely with just a few simple manipulations, while ensuring absolute safety and confidentiality.
 During the complicated period of the Covid-19 epidemic, many people have to work from home to ensure social distancing.  Accordingly, data for work and study is the top need when users can only communicate online.  Therefore, let’s choose for yourself a safe place to store and share data in the digital age.
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