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During exam season, no parent can overlook the supervision of their children

FPT News , 05-20-2021 12:00

The inability to monitor children's internet use is a constant source of frustration for parents, particularly at a time when students across the country are required to study online.
Ms. Hoang Ngan (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) who currently has a child in grade 5 at Vo Truong Toan Primary School said: "Since the first outbreak of the epidemic, my child has had to use his parents' computer for online learning. Though everything happened in a short period of time, it gradually became a habit. Thanks to my self-discipline, I always complete all the assignments and the teacher in the school assigned me, even looking for other lectures to learn more. However, it is not correct to say that I am not worried, because at that age, my son is very curious. That is what makes me a target of bad content online. My husband and I are not really secure when we can't control the content that our children access as well as the time they spend on the internet."  - Ms. Ngan shared.

This worry is not uncommon among today's parents, especially in the flow of technological developments, digital transformation.  It will be careless if parents just hand over the device to their children without any supervision, because there are always dangers to young children on the internet.

The idea is that limiting your children's internet time is the best approach, but in a time when children are going through a semester exam, it is understandable to spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.  Therefore, in addition to educating children, parents should also have their own measures to be able to manage their children's time and internet usage habits to protect them from temptations, coax, risks online.
With FPT Internet Customers, you can completely download the Hi FPT application, to control the time and content that your children access when using the Internet.  Parents can easily set a timer to turn off wifi at home wherever they are, so they won't be afraid of their children at home engrossed in playing games, watching movies but forgetting about the coursework.  In particular, Hi FPT is also integrated with functions to control and manage content viewed on the FPT TV box, helping parents to lock any content that is not suitable for children.

In addition, with the F-Safe feature integrated right on FPT wifi routers, users can also protect devices from malicious websites, phishing websites that steal information or websites that contain malicious code.  Especially protect smart devices such as cameras, SmartTVs, etc.

Let FPT Telecom's Internet FPT be a companion of parents in managing and controlling their children when they use the network.
Readers can visit to learn more about the Hi FPT application and the F-Safe feature of FPT Internet.