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During the epidemic, here are some tips to help you boost your productivity at home

FPT News , 05-24-2021 10:00

Working from home while maintaining job efficiency is an issue that is not difficult to solve, but very tough when there are constant "temptations" to divert our attention away from our work.

Many firms have undertaken for workers to "work from home" - to work from home to ensure health and minimize community contamination, according to the Ministry's direction. However, it is difficult for anybody to focus on work due to distractions from their children and a plethora of other "unnamed" issues that go back and forth a day has passed but the task has not been properly finished. Ms. Vu Thu Thao (36 years old) gave the following information: "I was first overjoyed when the firm decided to work from home, believing that working from home would be more convenient. However, because I have to care for my children at home while working, I also have to stand up to do things at work, so I can't do my job as quickly as I do while I'm at the office."

Create your own ideal workspace

Whatever circumstance you're in, try to find a place in your house where you can set up your own workstation. It might be your personal space or your kitchen, or even your living room. As long as you select a position that allows you to focus on your work and is free of distractions.
Don't work when you're playing, and don't play when you're working. Maintaining a clear distinction between where you rest and where you work is essential for establishing an atmosphere in which you believe it's time to work and get things done.

Set daily objectives for chores to be performed
The first thing that you should do before going to bed every night is write down the things that you want to do the following day. Not only help you stay organized and manage your time, but it also saves you from neglecting critical tasks.

Remember to take breaks, particularly lunch breaks. It's crucial to maximize your productivity during work hours, but taking pauses to rest your body and mind is just as crucial. While working from home might make things seem less stressful, it's easy to overwork oneself, which is why getting enough rest is critical to keeping a routine healthy and effective.

Ascertain a quick and steady Internet connection

Work from home means you'll be attending a lot of online meetings; if you don't set up a reliable network connection, it's easy to miss vital information or create disruptions in gatherings. As a result, installing FPT VPN solution for the family - Priority connection is essential.
After recognizing the challenges and demands of units and enterprises in maximizing online meeting solutions, FPT Telecom created and released the FPT VPN service, which is a convenient, efficient and economical "connection priority" solution. Based on virtual private network (VPN) technology, as a “priority connection” service in the internet environment, and helps users maintain internet access with the best quality while using online meeting services. Not only ensuring an instant connection upgrade, FPT VPN also protects user data with a secure connection and secure encryption.

FPT VPN is a cloud-based service that enables organizations and businesses to effortlessly deploy online meetings from any device, including PCs, laptops, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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