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Eliminate the fear of losing data after each trip for girls addicted to photography

FPT News , 04-09-2021 14:55

Taking photos and recording videos is a way many people use to keep beautiful memories during each trip. Therefore, ensuring the security of the image and video data is very important. For girls addicted to photography, the risk of data loss is the biggest obsession after each trip.

When arriving in a new land, most tourists experiencing a different life would love to record those meaningful moments. However, keeping memories is no longer as simple as buying souvenirs but being "upgraded" into pictures and videos during each trip. Especially for the young GenZ generation, they love to travel and record every moment, share them on social networks.


Representative of GenZ generation, Thanh Hong, 23 years old, shared: “Travelling is the biggest passion in my life; every time I explore an interesting place, I will take photos and record clips to create a video for my journey.  However, I lost all the data in my hard drive once as I was being too subjective.  It is a terrible experience.”


It is easy to see that female photography addicts love using mobile phones to take pictures and store data; however, this limited storage method is limited.  Smartphone images and videos also hold applications and utilities. The storage by the hard drive, USB, memory card, ... also brings its inadequacies, because the phone can lose all data if the girls "accidentally" lose the hard drive, USB, memory card.

 Ms. Thu Huong, 25 years old, shared: "After each trip, I will create albums on my page, then post photos so that over the years, the personal page will automatically repeat this memory. Sometimes, it is challenging to avoid a Facebook account which can be lost at any time and cannot get all the photos. "

Posting photos on social networking sites is also a good idea for girls addicted to photography for reference, but the only weakness that most photography addicts "dislike" is the reduced image quality.


Currently, the young generation of GenZ has switched to using online storage tools, helping girls not need to worry about storage capacity and image quality. In Vietnam, Fshare's online storage and sharing network are favored by most young people for its convenient features. 

Fshare allows users to share and store documents, based on cloud computing technology (Cloud). Those who love photography can put their pictures on their Fshare account, download videos, and edit anytime and anywhere.

For more convenience in managing images and videos, you can experience outstanding features on Fshare, such as an online viewing feature that allows users to view the stored file types directly. At the same time, you can add subtitle files while watching a video in your account Fshare; sending large files via email allows attachments up to 20GB;  tracking and upload statistics will help you quickly search for image files, video files according to specific milestones.