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Experiencing one-touch payment by Foxpay e-wallet on the new Hi FPT version.

FPT News , 04-29-2021 09:02

Updating version 5.12 of Hi FPT, customers can quickly, safely, and securely pay FPT TV and Internet fees using Foxpay e-wallet right on Hi FPT app.
What's in Foxpay wallet on Hi FPT?

 - Flexible deposit: Quickly top up from 40 domestic banks
 - Fast and safe payment for FPT Telecom service bills
 - Manage transaction history easily: Easily manage and look up transaction history during the month.

 Link Foxpay e-wallet right on Hi FPT to quickly pay and buy new FPT Telecom services. Below are detailed instructions on linking Foxpay on Hi FPT, making bill payment more convenient than ever!

 Create a Foxpay wallet account
Verify your Foxpay wallet account

 According to Circular 23/2019 / TT-NHNN issued by the State to amend and supplement Circular 39/2014 / TT-NHNN, guidance on intermediary payment services, the creation of Foxpay e-wallet needs to be user account authentication.

 Thus, from now on, when creating a new Foxpay account, customers need to take one more step of account verification by uploading photo identification and face authentication to be able to continue using Foxpay Wallet and ensure the security of money in your wallet account.

Linking the Foxpay wallet 

 Customers can choose to activate Foxpay E-Wallet by linking their bank directly (supporting deposit and withdrawal) or domestic ATM cards via the NAPAS portal (top-up support only).

 Activate Foxpay wallet by linking direct banking (supports deposit and withdrawal)

Activate Foxpay wallet by linking domestic ATM card via NAPAS (top-up support)
Deposit the Foxpay wallet after linking
So, the money has been transferred to Foxpay wallet and ready to pay!

 Thus, with just a few simple steps, customers can successfully link Foxpay wallet on Hi FPT. The payment and purchase of new FTEL service bills using Foxpay wallet on Hi FPT will become much more convenient and fast!

 Experience right here!