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FPT Telecom cooperates with Google to launch FPT Play Box S - the 'heart' of smart home

FPT News , 04-30-2021 19:36

On the evening of April 26 in Hanoi, FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) cooperated with Google to launch the FPT Play Box S product - the world's first TV Box and intelligent speaker.


The technological highlight of FPT Play Box S products is the Hands-free Voice Control feature. Users without holding a remote can still switch channels by voice, favorite movies, interact with the Google Assistant virtual assistant, control smart devices in the house by Vietnamese.

The scope to use the Hands-free feature is up to 5 meters, suitable for any habitable spaces in the home. With the two-microphone noise-canceling system, users do not need to fumble about finding a remote control to turn on / off the TV or turn on the TV program, but only need to order to open it. The system is also closely integrated with the audio signal processing technologies on the Wake-up Chip after receiving signals from two microphones and operating continuously 24/7.

The FPT Play Box S is also incorporated with enhanced user voice processing, creating a fixed filter for all words and commands. Users can also optionally turn off the voice recognition and control functions through the hard key next to the FPT Play Box S device.


TV Box serves entertainment needs, but FPT Play Box S is also seen as the "heart" of an intelligent home to control other devices in the house. For example, users can open a favorite TV channel while ordering the vacuum cleaner to operate, turn the lights on and off or check weather information, the market ...

The Rogo Smart Home app on FPT Play Box S is also the driver of intelligent devices. Users can easily connect to IoT devices in the Smart Home ecosystem, commanding off and on all devices entirely using Vietnamese voice. In addition, the application also continuously updates parameters of air temperature, humidity ... right on the TV interface.

The artificial intelligence (AI) based on the S905X3 processor of FPT Play Box S will increasingly accurately perform the work of a practical assistant by learning your daily habits. AI Air Conditioner solution promises to save you 30% on your household air conditioning bill.

FPT Play Box S also allows you to schedule and control Smart-home devices such as bulbs, switches, and curtains in fixed time zones or motion sensor signals, door sensors, and light sensors… For example: open the curtains and turn off the night light at 6 am or turn on the hallway lights, toilet lights when someone comes in and out, reduce the lights if you need the right amount of light for the Home Cinema.

Compared to its predecessor, FPT Play Box S still runs on the latest operating system, Android TV 10 from Google; the device is also equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory. However, FPT Play Box S will be upgraded with AML 905X3 processor, ARM Mali-G31 MP2 graphics, support maximum video output at 4K-60P resolution for a more optimal experience performance and productivity when in use, up 20% over the previous version, while also supporting artificial intelligence.


Talking about the changes of FPT Play Box S, Mr. Le Trong Duc, Product Manager of FPT PlayBox, shared: "FPT Play Box S will become a perfect virtual assistant product in your own home. It will be the control center for smart devices in the house; users only need to use Vietnamese voice to command. This is the smart urban strategy of FPT Telecom. We will bring a completely new Smart-home solution to the market, bringing convenient experiences and improving the quality of life for consumers at a reasonable cost. We expect the product not only to serve Vietnamese users but also to have a plan to conquer the world's users".

In the Vietnamese market, the selling price of FPT Play Box S is 2.390.000 VND. This fee includes 1 month VIP package and 12 months Family plan, which will enable each family to enjoy the best online TV and movie viewing service, including 62 special TV channels in National and international package of paid media, along with nearly 100 free channels, direct FA Cup and exclusive Serie A - Italian national football championship (2018 - 2021).