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FPT Telecom is the sponsor for network infrastructure and many convenient technology solutions in the chain of events VnExpress Marathon 2021

FPT News , 05-10-2021 11:41

FPT Telecom will sponsor network infrastructure, monitor, provide payment solutions and perform video recording for communication ... contributing to promoting technology, making a difference for FPT Online in the chain of events VnExpress. Marathon 2021.

On the afternoon of May 6, FPT Telecom and FPT Online had a signing of a cooperation agreement related to Vnexpress Marathon 2021 at the representative office of Vnexpress (Exchange Tower, HCM) with the participation of Mr. Hoang Viet Anh (CEO FPT Telecom), Mr. Pham Thanh Tuan (Sales Director of FPT Telecom), Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy (Director of Foxpay), Mr. Nguyen Duc Luan (TP Marketing FPT Smart Surveillance) together with FPT Online's representative including Mr. Ngo Manh Cuong (CEO FPT Online), Ms. Chung Thi Minh Thu (Deputy Sales Director of FPT Online) and Ms. Hua Thi Thuy (Sales Manager of FPT Online).

Specifically, FPT Telecom will implement wifi transmission infrastructure for some designated areas to serve in VnExpress Marathon 2021 running tournaments, implement a camera surveillance system in designated areas on the track (research work recording beautiful moments of athletes at some check point and Finisher points), recording and broadcasting Livestream on VnExpress and FPT Television platforms. At the same time, FPT Telecom will provide payment solutions (e-wallet, domestic payment gateway, international payment gateway) for VnExpress events to support events and participants ... on the Foxpay wallet app and Integrating Foxpay on FPT Online's business platforms. At the same time, FPT Online will coordinate and share the communication packages of VnExpress, the general communication benefits of the event on online-offline channels, and different media for FPT Telecom to further promote the product service through the run competition.

FPT Telecom General Director Hoang Viet Anh said: "FPT Telecom is a provider of Internet services, FPT Camera, Foxpay e-wallet, FPT Television, which can meet the needs of network transmission. In addition, VnExpress Marathon is a suitable program for FPT Telecom to do product communication and bring it to the public. Hopefully, in difficult times due to Covid translation, we can mark the cooperation, create business value, and make a difference in the technology of FPT Online's programs compared to other businesses. "

Talking about the cooperation this time, Mr. Ngo Manh Cuong, General Director of FPT Online, also shared: "The cooperation relationship between FPT Telecom and FPT Online has existed for a long time. In 2020, FPT Camera and FPT Television were together with VnExpress's running tournaments with great success in communication and performance monitoring, fraud prevention, which other companies' runners cannot do. Not stopping there, FPT Online wants to continue this story in other FPT Telecom products, such as connecting Foxpay to pay for Runners; we want to apply technology to the organization and will be the most different point of VnExpress Marathon compared to other running tournaments. Today's collaboration is just the beginning of many things we can do together now and in the future."

VnExpress Marathon is an annual running tournament organized by VnExpress online newspaper. Participants are joggers of all ages, professional athletes, semi-professional, domestic and international amateurs. In addition to sports activities, exploring the running track is a scenic spot at the venue; VnExpress is a running tournament with the goal for the community, towards the mission of spreading the spirit of sport, inspiring a healthy life. This is also an opportunity for athletes to join their families and relatives to participate in a meaningful event, connecting the community.

In 2020, FPT Online successfully organized a nationwide running series of VnExpress Marathon in addition to FPT Telecom's cooperation in sponsoring a running track monitoring and recording system for communication. With FPT Online and the public, FPT Camera is a familiar name that gives a strong impression of its professionalism, safety, and intelligence.