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FPT Telecom Thanh Hoa appreciates customers on the 8th anniversary of incorporation

FPT News , 12-11-2017 11:50

To express thanks and appreciations towards customers accompanying with us during the past 8 years, FPT Telecom organizes many activities and the program named “Golden anniversary – Full of special offers” (Sinh nhật vàng – Ngập tràn ưu đãi) including services and gifts for loyal customers as well as new subscribers in Thanh Hoa. 

FPT Telecom Thanh Hoa staffs have made efforts to bring customers better and better services.  

Established on  12nd  December 2009, FPT Telecom Thanh Hoa has been serving thousands of customers with the various services of telecommunications and digital content, in which FPT Internet and FPT Television have become familiar and favorable brands to Thanh Hoa customers. To appreciate customers’ trust, love and engagement during the past years as well as to bring joy at the moments welcoming New Year 2018, FPT Telecom Thanh Hoa decides to undertake a series of activities with special offers for customers.

8 most loyal customers will be awarded 1 year charge for Internet and FPT Television services (if chosen) and 1 FPT Television Box.  

This customer appreciation program will be implemented in December 2017.

Also, new subscribers registering in FPT Telecom mobile sales booths will receive a plenty of practical and attractive gifts with unique design such as helmets, raincoats, a set of cups or bowls, etc. as well as special service offers based on current policies.  

In accordance with the customer appreciation program, FPT will also carry out free service check at home, device cleaning, in place consulting and responding the queries about using services at home to ensure the greatest experiences and fastest supports.

One of the first lucky customers receiving big prize of the program.

This is a meaningful activity for FPT Telecom Thanh Hoa to sincerely thank customers who have been supporting FPT Telecom and enhance quality of service experience and maximize benefits for customers. For details about the program or assistance, please contact: 19006600.