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Hi FPT with “a new interface” in version 4.0

FPT News , 11-21-2017 12:27

With the new version, Hi FPT - the FPT customers interaction application is powered with more utility functions to support customers in active transaction management or locating the nearest store. Version 4.0 is designed with a completely new interface, which targets friendliness and personalization based on user experience.

Specifically, 7 latest functions have been developed for months by a team of technological and technical experts and recently updated in Hi FPT application, including: Modem management, Payment management, Contact function, Integrated schedule of FPT Television, Store location, additional Customer feedback section, upgraded Notification section which helps customers find out notifications by group of topics, such as support, charge information, event information…

A significant point is that customers can contribute direct comments in Feedback section; these comments will aid application developers in product and service quality improvement and enhancement as required. Besides direct feedbacks, the technical support request function, which has been a “highlight” in Hi FPT, is designed visually. Together with the customer care call center 19006600 and the sales call center 18006000, they will form useful channels for customers.

Hi FPT provide customers with all the ways to contact FPT Telecom

To meet the growing demand for online payment of modern customers, Hi FPT allows customers to proactively pay Internet or FPT Television charge via Visa card as well as to view and manage charge details in the recent 3 months in the Payment management section.

Modem Management keeps being one of the most crucial functions favored by Hi FPT users. Besides available actions such as turn Wifi on/off, change password, etc., in the new version, customers are also updated with more information about different types of FPT modems and new devices to help them upgrade or purchase a new one.

The limitation of viewing only store addresses on the map in the previous version is now removed by the integration of search and route direction with high accuracy in the version 4.0. Thus, customers can locate and find the shortest route from their current location to a FPT Telecom store.

FPT Telecom also regularly updates all information about payment, support, promotional offers, programs, etc. in the Notification section, which helps inform customers of latest support activities from the company in a quickly and timely manner.

With FPT Television schedule, customers will quickly know and not miss their favorite programs, no matter how busy they are, as Hi FPT updates information of programs currently broadcasted on all channels.
The next version is expected to have additional functions such as E-contract acceptance, service provision acceptance, E-bill display, post-maintenance evaluation, etc.

The version 4.0 has been updated in App Store (for iOS devices) and Play Store (for Android devices) with a completely new interface, from color to arrangement of functions, which facititates search and use.

Hi FPT will be continuously updated with new functions to meet customers need and experiences, make every transactions and connections available just through a few clicks. With Hi FPT, customers will be supported and responsed in the shortest period of time.

On 13 September 2016, FPT Telecom launched Hi FPT application to assist completing all procedures or requests of Internet users. With all functions of Hi FPT – an intelligent interaction application, customer experience of both service and quality will be enhanced. For more information and application download, please visit: