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How technology aids in the connection and attachment between people

FPT News , 05-19-2021 09:00

We forget that the greatest thing in life is love as society grows and the stresses in life increase day by day. Technology plays an important role in linking and bringing people together in this sense.

In reality, everyone has their own problems and challenges, and everyone is preoccupied with work and external social relationships, forgetting the most important core value: the love of one's family. Daughters and sons who are away from home go to the city to study for 2-3 months and do not normally visit their parents. They've been so preoccupied with their studies and part-time jobs, and they've forgotten when their family last ate dinner together.

When the lockdown rule is enforced in the city, it becomes much more difficult to leave the city and return to the hometown, particularly in the case of the COVID epidemic. It's also advantageous that this isn't the first time we've had to deal with the COVID epidemic; each of us has prior "battle experience," or, to put it another way, the power of technology.

Turn a long distance into a short distance

Previously, grandparents and parents could only write letters or call their children and grandchildren to satisfy their nostalgia, but thanks to technological advancements, people now can make a video call.  Even, we seem to be next to them in the most genuine way, thanks to the strong connection of the high-quality Internet connection.

With the technology product FPT VPN - "Connection Priority", or the Internet line at home, FPT Telecom always ensures the clearest line to the household, the quality of phone calls, Facetime with parents every day becomes more real.

Video call becomes more meaningful when completely connected to FPT Internet
Bringing people’s interests together

COVID "landed" once more, forcing the closure of a number of schools and encouraging students to study online from home. Despite the fact that parents should shield their children from disease transmission, a new concern arises: their children will be alone at home with no one to look after them and no one will know what they do. And all they can do is watch from afar.

The FPT Camera has recently become one of the most popular technology items on the market.

The FPT iHome has a unique feature that alerts the phone when the door is opened abnormally.

Parents may alleviate their concerns about leaving their children alone at home or effectively secure their family's assets with the aid of these two advanced technology items. 

Distribute the burden.

Technology is also alleviating some of the daily stresses, allowing each person to devote more time to themselves and their families. With the Omni Shop shopping application on FPT Play Box, the scene of crowded sales and payments during the pandemic is no longer an obsession.

FPT Telecom's goods and services have technology utilities that make life easier and more convenient.

Omni Shop currently offers over 5,000 products in a broad range of categories, including household electrical equipment, personal goods, cosmetics, electronics and accessories, clothing and fashion, and so on. Families may be confident in the origin and price of the products. You can search for the requisite things without having to leave your house by simply looking at your favorite items on Omni Shop.

In a world where love is divided and health issues make many people hesitant, technology has helped to alleviate isolation and anxiety in a variety of ways.