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Inter crowned early, the battle to win tickets to attend C1 was more cutthroat

FPT News , 05-07-2021 11:29

At the end of the 34th Serie A 2020/21, Antonio Conte's army enjoyed the Serie A championship after 11 years since coach Jose Mourinho, and at the same time broke the monopoly of Juventus during the past 9 years in the competition for the Scudetto. However, Serie A still has many worth developments watching with the race of top 4 and the fierce relegation battle.

After 34 rounds of Serie A 2020/21, Inter won 82 points, 13 points higher than the opponents ranked behind. In the prospect of the tournament with only 4 rounds remaining, Inter ascended the throne 4 games early. This is a worthy achievement with what Conte and his students showed in the last round of the season. Especially on the attack with the excellence of Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, this duo created 36 goals after 34 matches in Serie A. The greatness of this "parallel" pair has contributed significantly to the result that Inter is made at present.

With Antonio Conte's counter-attacking philosophy, Inter got 25 wins, scored 74 goals, lost only 2 games, and conceded at least in the tournament with 29 goals in 34 rounds.

In the last 34th round, Inter played in the early match of the game, and the opponent was just Crotone; the team had to be relegated very early after a series of poor matches this season. It is not difficult for Inter to overcome the opponent with a gentle victory 2 - 0. The Giuseppe Meazza home team leisurely waits for their opponents to play through this victory, especially watching Atalanta. Because if Atalanta lost points in round 34, Inter team would be celebrated soon.

As Inter expected, the confrontation between Sassuolo and Atalanta in round 34 ended with a 1 - 1 draw. This made the race to the championship and opened an attractive battle of the top 4 in the last 4 rounds. Atalanta, Juventus, Milan, Napoli, and Lazio are the teams that will compete to represent Serie A in the Champions League next season. Currently, Milan, Juventus, Atalanta all get 69 points after 34 rounds, Napoli is less with 67 points, and Lazio has 64 points, but 1 game has not kicked. With such scores, every match of the top 4 teams will be very fierce with developments that cannot miss. 

Especially in the 35th round, Juventus faced Milan in an uncompromising fight at the end of the season. The climax of the top 4 will be pushed to the highest in the penultimate round. A heroic performance between the former king Juventus and the defending champion Inter, while Atalanta clashed with Milan in round 37. These are all performances of this season that the football fanatic should not miss out.

Another equally fascinating battle is this season's relegation battle. After 34 rounds, Crotone and Parma are the two official names saying goodbye to the highest division of Italian football. With a series of subpar matches, Crotone only got 18 points after 34 rounds, while with Parma, they only got 20 points. What these two teams have is not enough for them to compete in the relegation battle. The remainder of this war has many notable names, especially Fiorentina, Torino, and Cagliari, which have yet to decide their fate this season.

There are still many exciting developments in Serie A 2020/21 with the top 4 race and relegation battle. Serie A was broadcast entirely at the Live and Foxy application section of FPT Television, promising to bring emotional moments to football fans.

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