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It's hot weather outside, why do we always think about the air conditioner? Here are the other tips for summer!

FPT News , 04-15-2021 13:38

Summer brings the hot weather up to 35 degrees; under the muggy of summer, people become more "discomfort" than the other day. Here are the ideas that help us avoid hot weather and body purification on hot summer days. 

Drinking more water

70% of our body is water, so it is necessary to provide enough water for the day. When the weather is hotter, our body starts sweating to regulate body temperature. 2,6 million sweat glands will work by releasing fluid through the pores to make the body colder. Therefore, we need continuously replenish water loss of the body, especially in this hot summertime.


In particular, we should limit drinking too much cold water in the hot season because it causes cool down the body and slows down metabolism. The body will regulate the body temperature and moisture, forgetting digestion, which can cause dehydration. Also, drinking too much cold water will cause a sore throat.

Planting more plants indoor

Many families choose to decorate small corners of the house with green plants under the harsh summer sun. Flowers and trees are great "weapons" to help reduce stress, improve health, and make the surroundings fresher.


According to scientific studies, 30% of unwanted heat comes from windows, so planting trees around the house will help prevent heat from the hot sun from entering your home up to 50%. Besides, trees can absorb dust, absorb CO2, make it fresh, and help the living environment relax and comfortable.

Home entertainment


Summer weather makes our entertainment demands just around home. Miss Thu Ngoc, 24 years old, living in Binh Thanh District, shared: "The hot weather makes me do not want to leave my home, in the weekend, I just try to "separate" the hot outside by stay at home, order food online, reading book and watching the film the whole day."


Do not hang out to entertain; many people have the same thinking as Ngoc, staying at home and watching films to avoid the summer sun. Mr. Minh Hieu, 26 years old, said: "Staying at home during the hot summer days, I often clean home to bring fresh environment, then I open FPT Play to watching the entertainment program, dramas or football to enjoy the leisure time."

Today, many customers choose to relax with FPT Play because of its features. The passion of film-addicted will never interrupt because FPT Play accepts the users' entertainment on many platforms: FPT Play app, website: https://fptplay.vn, Smart TV, FPT Playbox.

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