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It's worth watching these three movies at the weekend on FPT Television: from action movie to animation.

FPT News , 04-24-2021 15:00

Instead of hanging out with buddies and lover, why do we not try to change and save money by enjoying your weekend in the movies at home?

With the emotions that the movies convey to the audience, you will surely calm down your feelings and live slower than the rhythm of life before. If you are an FPT customer, let's log in to the application, choose the Film element, and enjoy the attractive series to make the weekend more enjoyable.

Honest Thief (Vietnamese title: Phi Vu Hoan Luong)
The film arounds Tom Carter, an assassin, a famous thief in the underworld. Because of his actual life meeting, Tom Carter decided to reimburse and called the police to hand over the tremendous amount of money he stole. But it turns out that being a good person is not easy when many other forces are stumbling to lose that money, he and his lover are pushed into a dangerous spiral. Tom Carter must use all experiences of "fighting" from many years as a super thief to defend and attack to prevent the enemy's move and protect his girlfriend from danger. Not only impressed with the storyline heard and seen, but the movie also installed the message: Money is the most straightforward test for the human heart.

 For those who are fans of action movies, mixed with a bit of drama and detective, Honest Thief (Phi Vu Hoan Luong) is the perfect choice for you on the weekend. Actor Liam Neeson's acting is the perfect spice for a script filled with unusual twists.

Despicable Me (Vietnamese title: Ke cap mat trang)

 Gru - the famous criminal in the world, is having a very daring conspiracy, measuring the whole moon. He uses three innocent children to implement his plan, but then the love in the three children makes Gru change, and he gradually becomes a more responsible father. However, the secret organization called the Global Coalition Against Evil kidnaps Gru and assigns him the task of stopping another villain when he intends to manipulate the world. So Gru had to act again to "reform evil regime", but at the same time to assert his unique position.
It can say that this is one of the most suitable family movies for weekend audiences. Not only bring delightful laughter, but the series Despicable Me also conveys precious messages about family love so that parents can enjoy themselves with their children to the fullest.

Bombshell (Vietnamese title: Tin nong)

The story of the "Bombshell" closely followed the scandal that caused a stir in 2016. That was when Roger Ailes - the "boss" of the Fox News news channel - was repeatedly accused of sexual harassment by female employees. Celebrity hosts, such as Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly, representing the group of victims, stood up to expose their former boss for indecent behavior towards them. This incident triggered the #MeToo movement with the famous allegations of sexual harassment that followed. In the US, Fox News is one of the most-watched cable channels, representing the Republican Party, with fast coverage and exclusive content. As CEO of Fox News since 1996, Roger Ailes is an influential figure, respected by the US media and politics. The pressure from relationships and the power of money prevented the victims of Roger from speaking for a long time.

If you've got an action movie and an animated movie above, then a drama like Hot News is the perfect addition to the weekend movie list. With all kinds of different genres, your weekend will go through all the emotional levels, helping you forget the pressures and restore energy for a new work week.

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