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Movie buffs should not skip the best films released in May

FPT News , 05-12-2021 15:00

What are you waiting for? Go to FPT Television's feature film section and use the Foxy application to plow through the season's movies! 

Saang Nang Praai 
In the previous life, two sisters Maythawadee and Maythawalai fell in love with Phakinai. To monopolize the man, her sister pushed me into a political marriage. However, the accident came, causing both of them to drown. Maythawadee's soul could not escape and was trapped in the water, and Maythawalai later reincarnated as an archaeologist. The relationship of the love debt of all three still lasts until this life. Can they remove the clutter in their hearts?

Ni Chang
The film tells about the daughter of the famous silk shop owner Ta Thi - Ta Tieu Nghe (assumed by Le Gia Ky). She inherited the family inheritance and became a businesswoman during the Dai Ninh period. But her family and her family's career was ruined at the hands of To Thi - an enemy in the same world of silkworms. To Thi did not take tricks to find a way to destroy her. Fortunately, Tieu Nghe survived and vowed revenge and justice for her family. She stayed in hiding and joined Van Cam in dressing herself to learn dyeing skills and improve herself. Tieu Nghe is Ta Gia's only survivor after being harmed by her rival To Thi. 

Carrying a feud against the clan, she went to Van Cam to make a home to learn dyeing with the desire to rebuild her ancestor's career. Heavenly man does not betray his hard-working people; Tieu Nghe returns to his homeland to avenge and become a famous merchant in the silk world. In the process of trying, she is fortunate to have Au Duong Tu Ngu by her side and taking care of.

The Liquidator

The successive horrifying murders made the city wobble. Although the cases are meticulously planned and professionally assaulted, there is one thing in common between these cases: the victims have been condemned for behaviors considered erroneous conscience and selfishness, causing death for many innocent people.

The way they were also murdered somewhat reminded people of the sinful behavior they had committed ... This made all people in the city haunt and held their breath in suspense of not knowing who would be the next victim.

Dr. Abel: Decomposed
Forensic doctor Fred Abel is asked to help investigate recent murders. Somewhere in Berlin, a psychotic man is frantically carrying out his monstrous acts of murder. As the butcher's newest target, Jana is fighting to survive in the mysterious dungeon, and her only hope is Abel. Unfortunately, Abel suddenly finds himself trapped in a political conspiracy as he faces a cross-border murder chase.

The Cave of the Yellow Dog

Mongolian girl Nansal found a small dog and named it Zochor. However, Nansal's father thinks that the dog will bring bad luck to the family and lead the wolves to their sheep. Despite his father's objections, Nansal still raised and befriended the little dog. But then everything changed when Zochor saved Nansal's youngest brother from the vultures.

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