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Refer a friend to register for Internet and Television services to receive promotions from FPT Telecom

FPT News , 04-15-2020 00:00

After successfully referring a friend to register for FPT Internet and Television services, you will receive a promotion up to VND200,000.

The program "Refer-a-friends" has been implemented by FPT Telecom since the beginning of March. Up to now, there have been some policy changes to increase the benefits and good experience for participants.

Accordingly, from April 1, 2020, all FPT Telecom’s current customers using FPT Internet/Television service successfully referring a new contract using their Referral code will receive a discount up to VND200,000.

Meanwhile, when the Referred uses the Referral code of a friend/relative to register the service successfully, he/she will also receive discount of up to VND100,000 and one additional month free of charge after completing full registration via online channels (https://fpt.vn/shop), applicable to prepaid contracts.

"Refer-a-friend" is a program planned to create digital, different and convenient experiences for customers in referring friends to register to use services through online channels. FPT Telecom is also the first and only telecom company in Vietnam to implement the above program and it affirmed FPT Telecom's efforts in the strategy to always aim to bring great experiences to customers.

Many customers after joining the program have evaluated, "Refer-a-friend" is not only about receiving gifts and monthly discounts, but it also help them get the joy of helping friends and relatives register to use Internet and Television services of FPT completely through online channels, and be supported to deploy and install very quickly compared to normal registration, the joy of "giving" their friends big promotions only available in this program.

This means a lot in the complicated situation of Covid-19. Not only can customers limit the direct contact with people but they can also quickly meet the needs of learning, working and entertaining for the whole family.


Note: Each Referral code is valid once only, and it will automatically change after each successful referral.

First, in order to get a valid Referral code, customer can access the Refer-a-friend section on Member FPT website at https://fpt.vn/member/en/referral#/ or in the Hi FPT application. At the same time, FPT Telecom will also send Referral codes to customers in successful referral notifications.

Next, in Member/Refer-a-friend tab or in Hi FPT application, there have already been the introduction template and introduction channels such as email, gmail, SMS, Viber, Zalo, and FB Messenger for customer to refer easily. In addition, customers can use any other form or channel to share their Referral code to relatives and friends.

Finally, when a friend or relative of a customer receives a Referral code, use that Referral code to register for FPT Internet and Television services through the following channels:

• Register online with pre-entered Referral code: http://fpt.vn/shop?ref=[mãgiớithiệu]

• 24/7 Call Center for Service Registration and Customer Service: 1900 6600

Detailed information about the program:

Website: https://fpt.vn/vi/khach-hang-ca-nhan/ho-tro/ho-tro-thong-tin/huong-dan-su-dung#8