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Some of the common mistakes of grandparents are often accidentally made when taking care of grandchildren

FPT News , 04-13-2021 10:13

It is ubiquitous for grandparents to replace parents to take care of their children in any era. However, grandparents need to pay attention to the following minor things to avoid adversely affecting the children.

It is a pleasure when parents have grandparents help them take care of the children, both assured and not paying the babysitter. But there is a problem that causes a headache for parents: to reconcile with grandparents about childcare, especially in food and drink. The act of looking at it is tiny but not good for the baby's health.

Taste your baby's food

When cooking anything, seasoning is a necessary process. However, for young children, grandparents should use a separate spoon to taste food and a particular set of bowls and chopsticks for babies to eat. Usually, the adult's oral and dental bacteria are many bacteria; meanwhile, the child's immune system is not fully complete, so it is effortless to be infected by the adult.

Feeding the child too salty

Grandparents often habitually salt in children's food because eating bland is not delicious, and iodine deficiency will be present. However, children only need to eat pale, especially children under two years old, almost do not need to add spices to their baby's food. The amount of salt your baby needs is the amount of salt available in the food. Such salty seasoning will harm the kidneys and interfere with the baby's ability to develop bones.

Give your child lots of sweets


It's not uncommon for grandparents to always have a lot of candies and chocolates in their cupboards. And of course, when taking care of grandchildren, grandparents will "reward" the children with these delicious foods. However, in children, overeating sweets can lead to beard disease, or worse, obesity. Therefore, even though they know that they love sweets, grandparents should also feed them the correct nutritional diet.

Have your child use electronic devices all day

Unlike parents, most grandparents will indulge their grandchildren more and won't be challenging enough. If the children like to play games and watch TV, they will agree and watch with them. However, it is that same thing that has a very negative impact on the child's development. Although they will sit obediently, instead of playing time with their grandparents, learning about the world around them, they will bend over the TV screen.

Currently, TVs and smartphones are top-rated, and almost everyone has these electronic devices. Although their children have advised them not to let him watch TV or on the phone, partly because of comforting his child, so the grandparents often let him watch all day.

Subjective that we can manage the children

For dynamic children, it is inevitable always to explore the world. Therefore, grandparents should not be too subjective in their supervision. There will be times when the grandparents are negligent, and the grandchildren are entirely ready to face the hidden dangers. There are many cases where children open the door to go out of the house or climb to dangerous areas such as windows and handrails ... Therefore, the door motion sensor tools' support is vital. One of the most trusted brands in the market is the FPT iHome device of FPT Telecom.

Whenever you notice the change of the door, FPT iHome will immediately play a notification sound to people around you so that if children are curious to go out, their grandparents will know and immediately stop the dangers lurking.

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