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Teachers in the isolation zone were given assistance in connecting to the Internet for free.

FPT News , 05-23-2021 13:00

FPT Telecom provides free Internet to teachers at Thuan Thanh High School No. 1 so they can teach online lessons to students in the isolation zone.
 Many network operators came to help teachers and students of Thuan Thanh High School No. 1 after reading the article “Teachers met the problems with Internet in the isolation zone”. The network was initially built on the first floor, but teachers were still required to set up desks outside in order to connect to the Internet.
FPT Telecom then sent staff to each room to install wifi and check continuously.  Each room of teachers and students has transmitters, ensuring a strong connection.

After being supported by FPT network staff, the teachers of Thuan Thanh No. 1 High School do not have to go to the corridor to catch the network to teach.
Ms. Khuat Hong Quy, an English teacher at Thuan Thanh High School No. 1, said that now that the transmission line has been repaired, teachers can confidently teach their students without fear of the network going down. "We appreciate the network operators' concern and support for our teachers and students," said Quy.
Previously, an unstable network link had a significant impact on teachers' teaching, decreasing students' interest in learning. To keep their lessons going, teachers always have to purchase more data for their mobile phone.

Sincerely attempting to ensure exam readiness for students of teachers at Thuan Thanh High School No. 1, Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, General Director of FPT Telecom, stated that he had proposed and received government support for the rapid implementation of free high-speed Internet transmission here.
Mr. Viet Anh said, "We want to contribute a part of our efforts to assist teachers in overcoming difficulties in the isolation area and continuing to do well in teaching students."