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Teachers “say goodbye” to the “disconnect from the network” situation thanks to FPT Telecom's free Internet connection

FPT News , 05-21-2021 14:30

FPT Telecom installed free Internet at Gia Dong Kindergarten No. 2, Tam A, Gia Dong, Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh province's isolation point after noticing that teacher were compelled to use a low-quality network connection.

After the school had a case diagnosed with Covid-19, teachers and students at Thuan Thanh No. 1 High School have been living and studying in a concentrated isolation area for the past ten days. Teachers will assigned to communes based on the number of quarantined persons, and they will share a room with residents, students, or colleagues. This group consists of 40 people in total; including 5 teachers and 35 students who quarantined at Gia Dong Kindergarten No. 2 (Gia Dong commune, Thuan Thanh district).

According to the statistics, many educators have difficulty teaching online due to a poor network connection. For example, while teachers are addressing difficulties from a test for pupils, they run out of mobile data and must purchase an additional 3G/4G package to stay "online." Furthermore, many students in this isolated area faced a similar circumstance, putting their studies in trouble, particularly as grade 12 pupils approached the period when they needed to focus on preparing for the approaching university admission exam. FPT Telecom's Management Board authorized the Bac Ninh Branch in Business Zone 2 to deploy support for the installation of a free Internet connection for the quarantine location as soon as the aforementioned information communicated.
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang - Director of Zone 2 immediately assigned Bac Ninh Branch to evaluate the infrastructure locations and plan the execution after obtaining instructions from FPT Telecom's Executive Board. Mr. Phan Dinh Cuong, Director of Bac Ninh Branch, swiftly evaluated the installation plan, as did employees of the Thuan Thanh Transaction Office. The target keywords from the branch are "fastest" and "optimus".  In the morning of May 20, Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, Head of Thuan Thanh Education Office, given the responsibility of working with Commune and District offices so that the Technical team could arrive to work in the afternoon.

On May 20, at 3 p.m., a team of four Bac Ninh Branch members began relocating to Gia Dong Kindergarten No. 2. Prior to that, the members were provided with protective clothes, masks, and sanitizers to ensure the utmost level of safety. Supplies have also been freed from the warehouse, making them available for the important mission ahead.
According to Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, each member takes on a distinct role to ensure the quickest and most optimal deployment as planned: one member pulls the cable, another supports the ladder, another installs LAN wire, and the final member will install Wifi. Working in the scorching sun, every team member is drenched in perspiration, but they are all determined to finish the job as soon as possible so that teachers and students can have a reliable network connection and continue their teaching and learning.

“It was very hot, and everyone was wearing protective clothing, so it felt like we were going to a'sauna,' but we all tried to do our duty, work tirelessly, and focus so intensely that we didn't have time to pick up the phone again!” When it comes to the epidemic, everyone is concerned, but the members' spirits are always at their highest." "Telecommunications people must bring Internet connections to people when they need it most, that's what makes the most sense," Mr. Nguyen Van Minh said.

The branch's team completed the installation of a total modem and four AP devices in less than four hours. The technical members left with peace of mind after carefully inspecting the quality of the stable connection. All four APs have been successfully installed as of 20 p.m, May 20, 2021, the connection was stable, and teachers and students can use the Internet without interruption, allowing them to continue with their next lessons.
As the person who directly came up with the implementation plan, closely with the implementation team, Mr. Phan Dinh Cuong - Director of Bac Ninh Branch shared that this was the time to support the transmission line extremely "fast". FPT Telecom and the Bac Ninh branch did their best to support the frontline forces, teachers, and students in the most difficult and urgent circumstances in only 4 hours and a day after they began receiving the task.
This exemplifies the spirit of working together with citizens to "overcome the epidemic." FPT Telecom provides Internet access to instructors and students, connecting everyone at precisely the appropriate time. We hope that, thanks to FPT Telecom's rapid and timely assistance, students and instructors will have a successful exam season!