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Three reasons that make FPT Play IQ the hottest online gameshow today

FPT News , 04-10-2021 14:38

While interacting directly with the beautiful MC, challenging yourself with diverse questions, and having the opportunity to hunt for prizes up to 20 million VND are the exciting experiences of gameshow FPT Play IQ brings to players.

FPT Play IQ is a live interactive game show on smartphones and smart TVs produced by FPT Play, and is broadcast every Tuesday and Friday at 3:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. In the era of technology 4.0, when the Livestream industry and online games are gaining significant attention from a large audience, FPT Play IQ was launched with many unique features, bringing significant benefits for players.
So, what are the highlights that make FPT Play IQ so popular with the audience?

Participating in a simple and easy way

Participants have the task of answering questions with three suggested answers under the guidance of the MC. With ten questions from easy to difficult, players can easily conquer various knowledge treasures and update the latest events in culture, society, sports, and entertainment to win attractive prizes from the show. When passing 10 questions, the player becomes the winner. Cash prizes of 20 million VND each will divide equally. If no one answers correctly, that day's award will be forfeited. If the player answers any question incorrectly, the player can continue to play for achievement points; however, this result will not be award.

Each show takes place in 25 minutes. Players can attend each time the game show is a live broadcast. If you are late when the show has started, you can still play and interact with the MC; however, you will not win the show's award. To avoid late-game entry, please subscribe to "Enable Notifications" - so that the organizers can send them a reminder message before the show starts.

 With any mobile device, TV connected to the Internet, and download the FPT Play app; you can compete to win.

Attractive prize

For each set of 10 questions, the winner will be award up to 20,000,000 VND. It is indeed a large number and extremely attractive for an online entertainment Gameshow. Prizes in each Gameshow will be paid directly to your bank account after the program ends. In case the player does not have a bank account, the award will transfer to the authorized person's bank account provided by the winner.

Gorgeous MC - Sam with a natural and attractive speaking
Not only developed and provided by a reputable unit in the technology market and providing entertainment content, but FPT Play IQ also has the participation of beautiful MC Sam as the host; she famous for a host in a series of gameshow favorite for her humor, agility and extensive experience, Sam will indeed have many charming and engaging direct interactions with players.

 FPT Play IQ is a game show of the era of technology 4.0, also a product in line with the trend of developing and producing new entertainment programs in the current digital age. Players do not need to pay any fee to join FPT Play IQ and receive rewards from the program.

Subscribe to Gameshow FPT Play IQ here: https://fptplay.vn/