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Tips for choosing and installing security cameras for stores

FPT News , 05-23-2021 16:00

Because of its versatile features and low cost, surveillance cameras have become an essential item for stores in recent years.
However, not every camera is appropriate for the user's intent and requirements. There are many devices on the market today with a wide range of prices and features, making it difficult for many consumers to select the correct one. So, if you're thinking about buying a camera for your shop, what do you bear in mind?
Choose a place to observe
Many locations already have cameras mounted to deter shoplifting or to capture the license plates of criminals who commit the crime. Installing them at an inconvenient distance, on the other hand, would render your camera useless. So, when making a purchase, pay close attention to the area and distance that the camera can capture.
Clearly define the purpose
 ầm quan trọng của việc lắp đặt camera quan sát tại các shop, cửa hàng

Anti-theft camera systems today come in a wide range of prices, ranging from a few thousand VND to several million VND. As a result, before you begin the selection process, please make sure that you have a clear understanding of your target. If all you need is a simple camera to track the activities in front of the guest house, a low-cost product would suffice. When a thief steals a car, though, you won't be able to see their license plate if you use low-cost cameras. Consider the more advanced styles if you have a necessity for the sharpness of the videos or movies that directly impact your job.
Quality and a prestigious brand 
Choose a camera with the right features depending on whether you'll use it indoors or outdoors, during the day, at night, or both. Since it is not natural for surveillance cameras to be split into two categories, indoor and outdoor, this is another detail to consider. Heat tolerance, water resistance are also features of outdoor equipment.

Because of its revolutionary features and high reliability, FPT Camera is currently one of the most trusted brands. The outer layer of the FPT Camera Outdoor system is made of metal and is resistant to ambient temperatures of up to 75 degrees Celsius, as well as meeting ip66 waterproof requirements. As a result, users would not have to be concerned every time it is hot or stormy.
Choose a good customer service representative
 hững điều cần biết để lựa chọn camera an ninh cho gia đình - Ảnh 3.

Thanks to the cost-effective delivery unit, there are many low-cost camera models on the market today, with no warranty (or a limited warranty period) or a technical team that is capable of resolving problems on-site for consumers. This is an important consideration when purchasing a home surveillance camera because, no matter how advanced technology is, it is difficult to prevent mistakes when operating it. With FPT Telecom's Camera, all items are protected by a genuine 12-month warranty, as well as repair and troubleshooting on the same day. This is a significant benefit that few goods have, as FPT Telecom is now present in most provinces and cities, making equipment and servicing more accessible and quicker than ever.
 Readers can visit HERE to learn more about FPT Camera device.