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Tips to help ladies confidently wear a bikini for the upcoming summer vacation

FPT News , 04-11-2021 14:55

Swimwear is an indispensable item in women's luggage in the summer, but many women are not confident when wearing this hot outfit. Here are tips to help her confidence, remove all barriers.

Choose a bikini that suits your physique.

The selection of a bikini seems to be very simple but becomes a fear of many women because if you do not cleverly choose, the outfit on the body will "denounce" the weaknesses of the wearer's body. The advice for girls is to try wearing various swimsuits; this way will help them find a bikini that is suitable for their physique, showing off sexy curves.


For girls with a triangle body (small shoulders, big hips), you should choose swimwear with the light-colored upper part, prominent motifs, thin wire. Swimwear should be a dark color, high waistband, cut the sides. In contrast, girls with an inverted triangle body (broad shoulders, small hips) should choose a bikini with the opposite design. For girls with round bodies, choose swimsuits that focus on the hips, high waistband pants, deep collars, thick chest cups.

Although the dress style plays an integral part for women, they must be confident when wearing swimsuits. Choose the outfit that suits your body and makes you enjoy this summer.

Caring for young and smooth skin


Dark skin, scars, acne, rough patchy skin always make women have a headache and feel a lack of confidence when wearing sexy female swimsuits, especially in the summer coming nearly.

Wearing a swimsuit will expose almost all skin areas of the body. Therefore, if women want to wear a beautiful bikini, the first job women need to do is to exfoliate periodically. This work will help blood circulation naturally, brighten the skin while remaining healthy and radiant.

Summer comes with sweat and body oils secreted, making pores clogged, causing acne, especially in the back. Therefore, if you do not want your skin to have acne problems, you should clean, disinfect, and take care of your skin every day.

Attractive smell


The hot weather affects the girls' mood and can cause many "difficult" situations. Because hot sun makes the body sweat, body odor appears; this is the "obsession" that any girl worries about when wearing a bikini during each trip.

In addition to the salvation for women who confidently wear a bikini on each trip, perfume also contributes to creating a highlight every time they appear; the seductive scent will increase the sexy beauty for women.

Practice to get in shape


To become more confident when wearing hot bikinis, many girls plan to practice and regain a toned body before the summer trip. Ms. Minh Thy, 24 years old, shared: "I like to enjoy a summer vacation at sea, wearing a hot bikini and watching the sunset. Usually, I am very interested in training to have a good body, so when planning a trip to the beach, I had to work very hard to get back in shape. "

In addition to training in the gym, modern girls still practice at home through instructional videos. Hien Tam, 26 years old, shared: "The nature of my job requires me to sit in the office for nearly 8 hours a day, sitting too much but being sedentary, making me gain weight, so I decided to practice by myself. Follow the instructional videos on FPT Play to get in shape and be confident in a bikini for the upcoming summer trip."


Besides possessing a huge entertainment warehouse from countries: USA, UK, China, Korea, ... FPT Play also brings engaging content, serving the daily life of users. Now, girls who care about their health and physique can practice at home with FPT Play on all platforms: FPT Play application (iOS, Android), Website https://fptplay.vn, Smart TV, FPT Play Box. Exercise programs that you should refer to Yoga course for summer fat reduction, 7 minutes of muscle hunting at home, Perfect Yoga at home, ...