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Top 3 films with profound meanings about motherhood dedicated to Mother's Day

FPT News , 05-10-2021 11:30

On Mother's Day, let's spend time with your mother or loved ones in your family watching the best movie about motherhood on FPT Play.

Maternal love is one of the most sacred and noble emotions in the world. Whether placed in challenging circumstances or just through simple everyday actions, the love that every mother gives to her child is always the most significant, most incredible, and unmatched. However, daily life is the hustle and bustle; we forget the best values ​​in each person's life - family love, especially motherhood.

 Therefore, take the rare spare time of the weekend to sit with your mother with your family and watch the best movies about motherhood currently being shown on FPT Play.

1. One True Thing 

Not only attracts viewers by the participation of famous actors such as Meryl Streep, Renée Zellweger, the film is also attractive by the touching details surrounding the story of motherhood.

One True Thing tells about the life of Ellen Gulden (Renée Zellweger), a reporter for New York magazine. Ellen admires her father, George, a university professor, a successful novelist, while her mother, Kate, is just an ordinary housewife without a name, busy daily cooking.
However, one day, Ellen had to return home, leaving her busy work behind to take care of her mother. Kate was determined to have cancer and did not have much longer to live.

Also, from here, Ellen's life and thoughts wholly changed. She realizes the hidden secrets and uncertainties in her parents' marriage. Ellen realized that her father was not as perfect as she thought, and her mother's suffering after years of devotion to her family ...
2. One Big Shot

One of the most appreciated Korean movies about motherhood in 2019 is "One Big Shot" with the participation of veteran actor Kim Hae Sook, which took many tears away from the Audience because the humanistic message is placed in an authentic situation.

Mother's Last Wish (English title: The Big Shot) is a Korean family film with the main content around motherhood. This is a touching story about an illiterate mother who devotes all her heart and effort to writing a letter of forgiveness to her son sentenced to death.

With a gentle, simple, and close storytelling style, the film portrays not only the material difficulties that people not only in Korea but also across Asian countries face, and at the same time the most truthful about motherhood through the typical phrase in the movie "I am still with you because you are my child".

3. Mama

Mama is a 2013 fantasy surreal horror film by Canada and Spain, about two sisters left in an abandoned house in the woods and cared for by an empty entity called "Mama" innocently; she eventually followed them back to their suburban home when the two children were found and picked up by their uncle.

"Mama" is not a scary horror series that makes the Audience startled or has bloody scenes - characteristic of horror movies, "Mama" only fully describes the mother's love cannot be changed regardless of time or geography. The film embodies the message that "a mother's instinct is to protect her children at all costs, and to deprive a mother's child is to deprive her of half of her life."

All of the movies above are available on FPT Play.