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What should parents do in advance of their children's summer vacation?

FPT News , 05-24-2021 15:00

Summer vacation 2021 will be more special than ever, as schoolchildren will be pressed to finish their schoolwork due to the Covid-19 outbreak. In contrast, parents begin worrying and fearing that their child will become passive during the long vacation.
“Every year, while my grandson is on vacation, my wife and I seek for extra-curricular programs so that he may have fun and learn more,” said Hoang Hiep, 48, of Binh Thanh district. We left him at home this year owing to the hazardous Covid-19 pandemic. However, I am concerned that if I leave my child at home, he would become inactive because he merely repeats eating and sleeping habits.

This is also why parents are constantly concerned, even if they are in a passive position, because they have yet to organize a summer vacation for their children. Here are some recommendations for parents who want to encourage their children to stay active and make the most of their summer vacation.

Encourage your children to engage in physical activity

In the face of the Covid-19 epidemic's convoluted evolution, exercise and sports to enhance resistance play a critical role, particularly for young children. Parents must immediately and consistently urge their children to practice every day. Choose appropriate home workouts for your children, such as aerobics, yoga, jumping rope, soccer, and running… Regular movement, in addition to physical training, will assist youngsters decrease stress and have a more energized spirit.
Teaching life skills to children

Summer vacation is the ideal time for parents to instill life skills in their children. Because, in most cases, students spend a lot of time in school studying facts but little time practicing life skills. These abilities are only a means of honing children's communication and cognitive abilities in advance of real-life problems.

Many parents have begun to focus on instilling life skills in their children at an early age. From simple duties like assisting grandparents and parents clean the dining room table, wash dishes, plant trees, and so on, to more difficult activities like dressing, first aid for wounds, sewing, putting together bookcases, and cooking... Young children who master these chores will not have to struggle while starting a life away from home and become self-sufficient.

Thuy Dung, 36, of Go Vap district, recounts her experience in teaching self-discipline to her daughter: “Aside from school, I constantly push my daughter to attend extra courses to practice life skills such as mastering martial arts for self-defense, making handcrafted products, baking cakes, etc. At home, I urge her to learn to cook, and I frequently teach her how to prepare simple things on weekends. She can now self-study cookery lessons on FPT Play without my help after falling in love with cooking.”

FPT Play is a popular choice among parents since it provides valuable activities to assist youngsters in actively learning to cook. FPT Play is available on a variety of devices, including smartphones (IOS, Android), the website, Smart TVs, and the FPT Play Box, allowing children to study and apply formulae at any time and from anywhere. FPT Play aims to assist youngsters become future kid chefs by providing them with a superb culinary experience in Full HD image quality.

For more information about FPT Play, see HERE.