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Working and caring for children during the COVID break: "tactical" advice for parents

FPT News , 05-22-2021 14:00

How do you strike a balance between taking work home and being able to care for your children? The details in the following article will assist parents in answering questions.

The COVID epidemic is becoming more challenging, causing many parents to become "busier and busier" as they balance work at the office and caring for their children at home. “I figured working from home would be convenient, but it turned out that I was much busier. "I have to prepare three meals a day while caring for the kids, and there is still work to be done at the business," Ms. Thao explained. To solve this dilemma, parents should follow the tips below to ensure that their work is of high quality while still spending time with their children.

Set concrete objectives for the activities that must be accomplished during the day

First and foremost, every night before going to bed, make a list of the tasks that need to be done the next day, set a time limit, and stick to it. If you can usually get such things completed without preparation, working from home now requires the involvement of children and a plethora of unnamed tasks. If you want to get things done, you'll need to make a schedule.

Estimate how much time you will devote to completing activities, and then set aside about half an hour afterward to play with the kids. This will allow you to keep track of the time and complete all of your important tasks.

Set aside a specific area for your work

Working in the dining room, living room, or some other location where your child is capable of interrupting your job is not a good idea. Prepare yourself and create a private room that is quiet and airy enough for you to concentrate on all of your important tasks. You also need to remind your children that the time you work here will not be a good time for them to come in and be a distraction.

Prioritize spending time with your children

Many parents neglect their children because there are so many activities in the day and they always have the mind-set of solving as many problems as possible, resulting in a situation where the children are always bored during the day and want to bother you every time you work. You can specifically define when you should work and how much time you should spend with your children so that no time overwhelms the other. Strive to ensure that the amount of time you spend playing with your children matches the amount of time you spend working alone.

If children believe that their parents are always paying attention and spending enough time playing with them, they will stop troubling them and be able to play alone at home.

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