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Super promotion "Watch Serie A, Win Piaggio Medley scooter" with FPT Television

FPT Television , 08-01-2018 10:52

Greatest promotion ever for FPT Television customers in this August and September. Customers can have the opportunity to win a stylish Piaggio Medley scooter with a 50-inch LED TV. The total value of the prizes is up to nearly 300 million VND. The program is exclusive in August and September.

Accordingly, with the desire to bring customers joyfull moment and to welcome the dramatic matches of The Italian Football Champions (Serie A) which are broadcasted exclusively on FPT Television system, in August and September, FPT Television brings customers the chance to win three Piaggio Medley scooters and three 50-inch LED TVs. The promotions are only applied for new subscribers and prepaid subscribers choosing 6-month or 12-month payment in advance of FPT Television from August 2018 to September 2018.

Rules of promotional program “Watch Serie A, Bring Piaggio Medley scooter home
1. Name of program: “Watch Serie A, Bring Piaggio Medley scooter home
2. Time: From August 2018 to Septemeber 2018
3. Reward data: MAC box numbers (MAC box is a combination of 12 digits including numbers and letters printed underneath the FPT TV decoder). If the customer uses multiple decoders, the MAC box of the main decoder is used as the reward code.
4. Scope: Nationwide
5. Promotional products: Piaggio Medley 2018 scooters and 50-inch LED TVs
6. Participants: All new subscribers and prepaid subscribers choosing 6-month or 12-month payment in advance of FPT Television between August 2018 and September 2018.

7. Prize structure:

Time of announcement Prizes
Round 1: September 2018 01 First prize:
01 Piaggio 2018 Medley ABS 125cc scooter
01 Second prize:
01 50-inch LED TV
Round 2: October 2018 02 First prize:
01 Piaggio 2018 Medley ABS 125cc scooter for each prize
02 Second prize:
01 50-inch LED TV for each prize
– VAT is included in the price but other taxes and fees related to the receipt of the prize according to government regulations are not included.
– All prizes are not redeemable for cash.
8. Method of awarding the prizes:
– Time: The winners will be notified via phone by FPT Telecom within 07 days from the announcement date. During those 07 days, FPT Telecom employees will call each winner at least 03 times per day between 8am and 8pm until he/she answers. If after that 07 days, FPT Telecom still cannot contact with the winners, they will be considered to be unable to verify and the prize will be canceled according to government regulations.
  • Location:
– Location: at all branches of FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company.
  • Procedure:

– Deadline: No more than 30 days after the end of the promotion.
– Winning customers need to present FPT TV contract, ID card (or equivalent documents) of the FPT Telecom subscriber to receive the prize.
– In case customers do not provide the above documents, or customer's documents do not match the information in the FPT Telecom system, the customer will not receive the prize from the program.
9.  Other terms and conditions
–    For all inquiries related to the promotions, please contact FPT Telecom at 1900 6600;
–    FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company fully informs the details of the program, the value of each prize and the list of winners on at least one mass media;
–    FPT Telecom employees are not allowed to participate in and/or receive promotional prizes;
–    Winners are responsible for fulfilling the financial obligations related to the receipt of the prize and the cost of accommodation and travel (if any);
–    Customers are responsible for paying all the expenses related to income tax, registration fees and other taxes/fees;
–    All prizes are not redeemable for cash;
–    Customers may not transfer the prize to another person;
–    FPT Telecom is fully responsible for the management and the accuracy of the lucky draw. In case of technical errors, the company will re-do the lucky draw to ensure the transparency of the program;
–    FPT Telecom is not the supplier of the products used as gifts of the program. Customers receiving gifts of the program will become customers of the product supplier and should contact the supplier directly about any questions and complaints related to that product. FPT Telecom is not responsible for responding to such inquiries or complaints;
–    FPT Telecom reserves the right to use names and images of winning customers for commercial purposes without paying any fees;
–    In the event of a dispute, FPT Telecom shall be responsible for resolving directly. If no agreement can be reached, the dispute will be handled in accordance with the law.
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