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Additional discount of 3% when shopping at FPT Shop for FPT Telecom customers

Internet FPT  |  FPT Television , 03-26-2020 17:19

Do not miss this attractive offer with F.Friends members of FPT shop. When registering for FPT Telecom's Internet and Television services, customers will receive a discount and a refund of 3% on purchases of FPT Shop products at stores nationwide.

Accordingly, customers who register to pay for at least 6 months in advance for FPT Telecom service will receive an additional discount of 3% when paying directly. This can be applicable with existing monthly offers such as discount or gift, etc. In case customers choose payment in installments via financial service company, they will receive a refund of 3%. And customers paying by credit cards will be supported 60% of conversion fee for installments with no down payment required.
Discount and refund of 3% for FPT Telecom customers when purchasing products at FPT shop such as phones, laptops, tablets and accessories.
Members will be able to buy high-priced technology products without having to worry about whether they can afford it or not. Instead of waiting, you will be free to choose the product that is right for you and your family, owning your favorite technology product in advance, paying monthly with no interest, no down payment, and no extra fees.
Therefore customers can save an amount of 10 to 30% per year compared to shopping through other forms.
There are 4 types of promotions:
1. Use in advance – pay later: Members will be able to purchase products and choose 6-month installment with no interest, no down payment and especially no extra costs.
2. Full payment incentive: Discount of 3%
3. Installment purchase can be applied simultaneously with current promotions at FPT Shop (not applicable for discount and deposit, etc.)
4. After sales service
So what are you waiting for? Let’s quickly own the services of FPT Telecom to receive incentives from FPT Shop.
- The promotion program is only applied for customers of FPT Telecom who have QRcode on Hi FPT: FPT Internet and TV (the promotion can be used many times when purchasing services).
- In addition, the program is only applied if the customer is the owner of FPT Telecom's service contract. Customers must bring ID card for checking at the counter of FPT Shop.
- For more information about FPT Shop’s promotions, please visit:
- This program is applied to customers who register to prepay at least 6 months for FPT Internet and TV packages
- More information can be found here: