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Lucky draw for chance of Getting 1Gbps SOC package

Internet FPT , 07-25-2017 13:50

I/Rules for participation
The program starts on 09 July and ends on 29 July 2017.
For all Individual customers who have been using or yet to use FPT Internet.
Customers should be living in Hanoi and HCM city.
Applicable to Individual or Household customers only.
You will like Facebook Fanpage of FPT Telecom, register your information and select a series of digits for joining the lucky draw on the website of
You may register in 3 periods, 09-14 July 2017, 16-21 July 2017 and 23-28 July 2017.
Each day, You may register once for participating in the lucky draw. For each period of the lucky draw, You may register for up to 6 times.
At 11 am on 15 July, 22 July, 29 July 2017, the Organizer conducts the lucky draw and does a live-stream on FPT Telecom’s Facebook.
If you were not lucky to win a prize in the last lucky draw, you must register again.
If you have won a prize, you are not allowed to join the next lucky draws.
The system will automatically send an email to You as a basis for confirming Your participation in the program.
Note: - You may not select the same series of digits as someone else’s (the system will automatically give you a warning if the series of digits you have entered is already entered by someone else).

II/ Process of registration for participation
During the program, you should visit and follow these steps:
Step 1: Enter your Full name, ID, phone number and address (for installation) and email (please enter the correct email address).
Step 2: Enter your own series of digits to participate in the lucky draw (12-digit series).
Step 3: Like Facebook fanpage of FPT Telecom to complete the process of registration.

III/Awarding rules
Upon determining the Winners, FPT Telecom will contact the same to announce the winning within 48 hours via e-mail or phone call, and publicize the list of Winners which is constantly updated on FPT Telecom’s official website ( at the same time.
The prize will last for 12 months (from activation of the same).
Prize winners must have installation address in the areas of adequate infrastructure for FPT Telecom’s SOC package in HCM city and Hanoi.
The address registered for installation of the SOC package must not have any business/commercial activities, homestay, coffee shop, Internet café - only households and individuals allowed.
FPT Telecom will conduct a site survey before installation. In cases where the installation location fails to meet conditions for installation, FPT Telecom will get you informed. You may change the installation address up to 2 times (not including the initial time).
The lucky draw will be conducted based on your registered address.

IV/Procedure for prize claiming
If you are a prize winner, you need to provide ID card and the email confirming that you “join the program” to proceed with the related procedures.
If you fail to provide/perform all the above documents/procedures or your documents/procedures do not match the information as recorded on the FPT Telecom’s system, you may not claim the prize.
In case you can not personally come to receive your prize, you can send your legally authorized person (with authorization letter) to receive the prize.
V/Regulations on assignment
Prize may be assigned to the winner’s relatives, friends and the above conditions must be met. The winner must contact FPT Telecom to perform this procedure.
The prizes are not exchangeable for cash.
After the expiration of the 12-month free period, if you want to continue the service, you will pay a fee according to the current price policy (at that time).
FPT Telecom reserves the full rights to use the Winners’ name, image and material for commercial purposes without asking for permission from and paying the same any fee.
FPT Telecom employees are not allowed to join this program.
The Organizer may at its absolute discretion remove any customer from the program without prior notice should it detect that such person has taken any action affecting the final honest result of the program.

3 prizes, each of which includes:
Free installation of and respective equipment associated with the SOC package.
Free 12-month use of the SOC package (1 Gbps).
Any questions, please contact the call center: 1900 6600 for answers