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Promotions in Lunar New Year for FPT Telecom’s customers

Internet FPT  |  FPT Television , 01-18-2020 09:59

When shopping at FPT Shop, customers will receive a 3% discount on the order value, 3% refund on installments and support on installment fees, etc. The promotion is only for customers using FPT Telecom's services.

1. Incentives for customers using FPT Internet and Television services
In order to thank customers who have trusted and used FPT Internet and Television services during the past time, FPT Telecom cooperated with FPT Shop to implement a promotion program for customers who have installed and used the Hi FPT application when shopping at FPT Shop system nationwide from January 18, 2020 to February 10, 2020.
-     When buying and paying directly, customers are entitled to a 3% discount on the order value, and still enjoy all existing promotions of the product in the store (details in section 3 below).
- When choosing installment plan via financial service companies, customers will receive a refund of 3% of the order value (converted into the form voucher to top up your phones)
-    When choosing installment plan by credit card of Banks cooperated with FPT Shop online at the website:, customers will have flexible installment plans of 6 months, 9 months or 12 months with 0% interest rate, no down payment and be supported 60% of the conversion fee for installments for all products of FPT Shop.

2. Notes for customers 
The promotion is only applied for customers of FPT Telecom who have QRcode on Hi FPT: FPT Internet and Television. Each e-voucher (shown by QR Code) can only be used once during the promotion period.

In addition, the program is only applied if the customer is the owner of FPT Telecom's service contracts. Customers must bring ID card for checking at the counter of FPT Shop.

For other promotion information of FPT Shop, please visit:

3. Current promotions applicable with this program at FPT Shop
a. Promotions when buying phones, tablets and laptops, etc. at FPT shop
- Direct discount of the product up to VND 3 million.
- For products over VND 3 million: Free 6 Carlsberg beer cans and for Acer laptops: Free 1 Carlberg beer box.
- For products under VND 3 million: Free paper straw box (30 pieces each) environmentally friendly.
- 100% of customers have an opportunity to win one of 2020 ATM cards valued at VND 2,020 million (Two million and twenty thousand Vietnam Dong) per card. Customers will be awarded cash directly at the store.
More information can be found here:
 b. Promotions when buying accessories at FPT Shop
- Discount up to 30% for portable chargers (More information at
- Buy 1 get 1 for cases with with diverse designs (More information at
- Installment plan with 0% interest rate when buying karaoke speakers, only from VND747,000 per month (More information at
- Discount up to 30% for glasses and watches for F.Friends members, authentic glasses only from VND167,000 and watches only from VND490,000.