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Big promotion with Fshare, Fcode payment now will only be VND10,000

Online Services , 03-19-2020 15:01

From March 9 to May 31, 2020, customers paying for Fcode via Airpay e-wallet will immediately have 15 downloads in 48 hours with just only VND10,000.

Thanks to this new combination, from now on customers paying for services at Fshare will be able to use the Airpay e-wallet with links to all banks. In particular, super promotion of paying for Fcode via this e-wallet will now be only VND10,000 when customer follow these instructions:
Step 1: Link your bank account to Airpay e-wallet
Step 2: Deposit money into Airpay e-wallet via linked bank account
Step 3: Make payment for Fshare via Airpay e-wallet

The program is only applied to customers who purchase Fcode packages, pay with AirPay e-wallet and choose the payment source as "Wallet balance". This offer cannot be used at the same time with any other existing promotions. It is only applicable to customers who have linked the AirPay e-wallet to a bank account before making the transaction and not applicable for international payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB credit, etc.) and bank accounts created online.
Fcode is a service package that meets the needs of downloading maximum data from studying, working to entertainment without having to register an account at Fshare. From now on, it will be even more convenient and faster when making payment via Airpay e-wallet. Let’s quickly join in to receive big promitions. Details can be found here.