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3 types of cameras worth buying to look after the children in the complex Corona epidemic

Press , 02-12-2020 16:45

Until now, the corona pandemic has recorded 45,191 infected cases of which more than 1,116 have been fatal and 15 have been declared coronavirus-positive in Vietnam.
Facing the extremely complicated situation of the epidemic, many provinces and cities have issued decisions to notify pupils and students to increase the school holidays until February 16 to implement epidemic prevention. This makes parents struggle to think about different ways to look after their children this season.
Look after the children in technology era 
Sending children to their hometown or asking grandparents to look after their grandchildren is the first common way that parents consider. However, not all families can rely on grandparents.
In 4.0 era, parents also have ways to look after the children in technology era – they do that with camera. For children who attend primary school or older, parents do not have to worry as much as for kindergarten children. Therefore, parents just need to plug in the rice cooker, cook a few simple dishes for their child to have lunch, and other activities such as eating, sleeping, resting of the child can be observed and reminded through security camera.
How to choose a suitable camera?

Security cameras will be an effective tool for families who want to watch children from afar if they choose the reputable and quality cameras. That not only affects the ability to observe the image, but also keeps the peace of mind of the family security.
Below are the three suggestions about camera brands that parents should use:

Aiwa is a Japanese consumer electronics brand with many years of experience. Aiwa's camera uses Sony's image processing chip and is currently managed by Sony itself in technical support and service. Therefore, image quality of Aiwa cameras is always guaranteed to allow parents to effectively monitor situations when looking after their children through cameras.
Aiwa cameras is priced at about 5 million VND
FPT Camera

With experience in providing Internet and television services and connecting devices for millions of customers of FPT Telecom, FPT Camera was launched by this telecommunications provider to make the best use on the Internet platform. Thanks to the outstanding cloud storage method plus the most advanced image processing chip, FPT Camera provides customers with a sharp image experience, enhancing data security during usage. This camera-sharing feature is also a point of interest for many customers. You can easily be consulted and ordered through the switchboard 19006600 at any time of the day.

FPT Camera has a reasonable price in the mid-high-end segment.

Bosch is one of the leading technology brands from Germany. Bosch cameras are equipped with starlight technology with intelligent features and video analysis capabilities to help increase surveillance efficiency. The price of the product is therefore considered by many people to be in the high-end segment.
Bosch cameras is priced at about 9 million VND.