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Attraction of Voice Remote of FPT Play Box for Vietnamese users

Press , 01-08-2019 15:00

Voice Remote - FPT Play Box's voice control is an improvement step to enhance the experience of Vietnamese users with smart recognition capability.
After launching, Voice Remote received great attention from the technology community, consumers, especially the household group. Accordingly, FPT Telecom sold more than 1,000 Voice Remote devices in the first 3 weeks.
With artificial intelligence technology, high-end smart TVs can be linked to devices that support voice control via Bluetooth connection, but they have quite high prices.
Understanding this, FPT Play Box has researched to meet customers' needs. The company has introduced the "pure Vietnamese" voice control device, supporting the identification of regional accents throughout Vietnam. Users can issue voice commands to search content in Vietnamese with a home control device exclusively for FPT Play Box – an Internet TV equipment.

The product received great attention
Voice Remote is a device that optimizes operation and eliminates up to 90% of buttons compared to the normal version. The basic function keys of the product are also arranged flexibly to ensure easy operation for the user. As the product for home entertainment needs, Voice Remote is easy to use and suitable for all ages from adults to children. By Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and intelligent programming, users just need to hold the record key and speak to search for any content available on FPT Play Box. The commands give almost absolute accuracy, from TV channel search, to movies, dramas, or content within YouTube or Karaoke apps.

Official selling price of the products from FPT Telecom branches is VND 390,000. The price for a package including the full set of FPT Play Box 4K 2018 and Voice Remote is VND 1.79 million. Customers will receive a one-time exchange within the first 30 days and warranty for the entire product within 12 months of use.

In addition, FPT Play Box will donate 12 months of watching entertainment packages with more than 150 domestic and international TV channels, watching the Premier League season (2018 - 2019), Serie A (2018 - 2019) and FA Cup for all customers buying FPT Play Box from September 1 to September 30. After the appearance of a series of smart devices like FPT Play Box (2017); FPT Play Box 4K (2018), the launch of Voice Remote - exclusively for Vietnamese users, has marked a breakthrough in new technology. Please refer to detailed information on our website or call hotline 19006600.