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AutoPay on Hi FPT helps paying bills automatically & freely

Press , 01-22-2018 17:53

FPT Telecom cooperated with The National Payment Corporation of Vietnam (NAPAS) to launch a free automatical paymment service named AutoPay on Hi FPT.

AutoPay helps its users to not to forget paying bills and to save money

This is the first time in Vietnam that customers are able to register and pay their Internet and television bills all by themselves.

Accordingly, after signing up and confirming their account for once on the app HiFPT, monthly bills will be automatically paid by deducting money from the bank account they listed in advance.

With the advantages of being automatic, safe, convenient, and totally free, AutoPay is helping its users to avoid forgetting payment deadlines and save bank charges.

At the moment, AutoPay accepts international cards like credit and debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, JCB and American Express issued in Vietnam.

To use AutoPay, it is necessary that customers register for Tokenization to encode and save the card’s information. This also applies to those who wish to pay bills online via Hi FPT without revealing data of their real cards.

Users can encode many cards, and then choose one of them for their transaction after confirmation.

Customers who are now subscribing for FPT’s Internet and television services can download the app Hi FPT from AppStore or Google Play, then sign up using their mobile phone number registered to FPT Telecom.

Along with the modern payment solution on the app of Hi FPT, FPT Telecom launched a channel on the website for its customers to pay bills using domestic or international cards, as well as Internet Banking of more than 30 banks in Vietnam.