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FPT's Voice Remote sold out after three weeks of launch

Press , 01-08-2019 15:19

More than 1,000 voice remotes of FPT Play Box were sold after 3 weeks of launch and are always out of stock.
Introduced to the technology community in September this year, Voice Remote (intelligent voice recognition control) is a product applied with technology 4.0 of FPT Telecom.

Right after the launch, the product attracted attention from digitalization, consumers, especially customers of the household group. According to information from FPT Telecom's representative, after 3 weeks, more than 1,000 Voice Remotes have been sold and always in a state of "out of stock” in the system.
More than 1,000 Voice Remotes after three weeks of launch
The manufacturer said, Voice Remote is programmed, designed and manufactured to enhance the experience of customers using FPT Play Box products. Thereby, users will find it more convenient to control the TV as well as faster to search for the desired content.

Application of Technology 4.0 

Voice Remote can identify most voices and give accurate search results
The voice control is connected to FPT Play Box via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity port, allowing quick and accurate data reception. The manufacturer said, through the application of artificial intelligence (AI), Voice Remote can identify most voices of all regions in Vietnam. “Technology 4.0” is the phrase mentioned a lot in the technology world, especially in the electronic telecommunications industry. According to Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Industrial Revolution 4.0 will take place in three main areas including Biotechnology, Digital and Physics. The core elements of Digital 4.0 will be Artificial Intelligence (AI); Internet of Things (IoT); and Big Data.

Modern design

Voice Remote is designed with new trends which emphasize simplicity, elegance but still integrate many features and easy to use. Compared to the previous version, voice control reduced the number of buttons by 90%. However, the basic shortcuts such as the power key, “recording mic”, main page, volume down - off, back and menu...are still fully equipped to optimize convenience when using.
The device is manufactured according to the high standards of the group, covering the motherboards is the shell produced from high quality ABS plastic material, which provides a strong and long life. The shape of a long bar and curved at the sides of the device make it feel firm and comfortable.

Easy to use, suitable for all family members

As a product for home entertainment needs, Voice Remote aims to be easy to use, suitable for all ages, from the elderly to children. Just press and hold the “recording mic” button, users can order the FPT Play Box to go to the desired content such as searching a movie, opening a TV channel, Youtube application, or a Karaoke song. The commands give almost absolute accuracy.

Voice control provides an interesting user experience
Voice Remote is researched and developed by Vietnamese people. Products are distributed and warranted at more than 200 branches, nearly 1,000 authorized stores and agents of FPT Telecom nationwide for the price of VND 390,000. Not only being focused on upgrading equipment, FPT Play Box 2018 is also continuously expanded and updated with attractive entertainment and TV content, with more than 150 television channels of sports, 4k blockbusters, special copyrighted dramas and live music shows.

The price for a package including the full set of Internet FPT Play Box 4K 2018 and Voice Remote is VND 1,790,000. Customers will receive a one-time exchange within the first 30 days and warranty for the entire product within 12 months of use.