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FPT Telecom donates 13,000 flags to cheer up U23 Vietnam

Press , 01-21-2018 14:30

After the historic match on January 23, the social network is filled with the image of the national flag. In that atmosphere, FPT Telecom made a suprise when donating free flags and shirts and decorating its counters.

On many fanpages, some customers who entered FPT Telecom's transaction counters uttered "feel like entering the stadium" when seeing the offices full of the national flag, banners and balloons to celebrate the miracle of the U23 Vietnam team. Being given a flag, customers can feel the spirit of football and the friendliness of the staff.

There will be 13,000 flags given by FPT Telecom to customers when making direct transactions at all offices nationwide from now until January 27.


The FPT girls were excited with the red flag and the yellow star.

In addition, according to the advice of the staff, during the same period, FPT Telecom also donated the national flags and national flag T-shirts to all customers registering for new FPT Internet and TV services.

Customers enjoy the meaningful gift of FPT before the dream final mactch.

The feat that Vietnam U23 team achieved when defeating formidable opponents to enter the final of the Asian U23 tournament made millions of fans touched. In many ways such as hanging the national flags and banners in front of the house, in the car, and wearing a national flag  T-shirt, etc., cheering atmosphere is everywhere. With the donation of flags, FPT Telecom wants to integrate with the love for football and the national pride.