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FPT Telecom get into Top Internet service providers with great influence on Vietnam Internet

Press , 11-24-2017 15:14

On November 22, FPT Telecom was named at the 20-year Vietnam Internet event as an enterprise that had a great influence on Vietnam Internet over the past decade (2007-2017).

This is the voting result of Vietnam Internet Association, IT journalists and readers of e-newspapers. This once again affirms that FPT Internet has become a familiar brand for users nationwide.
“Compared to more than 31 million users in 2012; 17 million 10 years ago or 205,000 people in the early days of Internet dialing through the public telephone network, it can be said that Vietnam has made impressive steps”, Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan shared at the 20-year Vietnam Internet event - Internet Day 2017.

Ms. Chu Thanh Ha - Chairman of FPT Telecom received the award Top 5 Internet service providers with great influence on Vietnam Internet.
In 20 years of establishment and development of the Internet, FPT has accompanied many milestones. On November 19, 1997, when Vietnam officially joined the global Internet after years of experimentation in the early 1990s, FPT Telecom was founded and became the first private enterprise in Vietnam to receive a license to be both an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and an Internet Content Provider (ICP).
The first 10 years was the time for the Internet to penetrate, to shape and to witness the changes from the dial up to the ADSL cable, and changes from the investment in the mainland cable to the sea cable. This was also the time when surprises named FPT appeared. In the development of its own infrastructure, FPT Telecom is forced to do differently to create a path. This network provider launched ADSL packages with prices equivalent to 10-40% of the previous ones. It is also a pioneer in exploiting high-speed Internet services with fiber optic connection (FTTH) with download speed of up to 10 gigabits per second, 200 times faster than ADSL 2+ (20 megabits per second).
These actions of FPT contribute to the trend of movement and healthy competition in the Internet market. Efforts by network operators including FPT Telecom have stimulated Internet users to multiple nearly 7 times in just five years, from 2003 to 2008.
Over the past decade, the Internet has become an indispensable part, and has been present in all areas of social life, creating a new living space for nearly 90 million Vietnamese people. All businesses honored today meet each other with an effort to popularize the Internet and improve the digital life.
Present in 59 provinces and cities with 200 transaction offices, owning 9,200 km of North-South axis route and international cables, FPT Telecom is providing services to millions of households, not only the Internet but also smart services on the Internet platform.

FPT Telecom currently owns 9,200 km of North-South axis route and international cables.

FPT Play and Fshare were launched and quickly reached several million users. Although FPT Television has just officially appeared for nearly 3 years, it has quickly gained a position on the IPTV television map in Vietnam, and is highly appreciated by the breakthroughs in interactive television programs such as: Open the safes, Big School and Interactive Drama, etc. In addition to mass services, FPT Telecom is also one of the trusted partners of many businesses in high-tech services such as data center, Hi Gio Cloud cloud computing, and security, etc. 
In 2017, Vietnam reached to the 17th position in the world in terms of IPv6 communication protocol conversion. FPT Telecom contributed to this achievement by having 1 million successful households. Determining the importance of taking advantage of digital resources during the 4.0 era, FPT was determined to pioneer in the transition of IPv4 into IPv6.
In the speech at the event, Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha, Chairman of FPT Telecom, affirmed: “Like the first days, every successful connection from computers to the Internet, connecting an individual to the Internet community and connecting Vietnam and the world, has always been a great motivation for the past 20 years and in many years, for FPT Telecom for the past 20 years and many years later to continue its creativity and leading position in technologies and services, bringing great benefits to customers”.
As an enterprise with great influence on Vietnam Internet, FPT Telecom is making efforts to realize its development strategy with 5 main directions: spreading the core service of high-quality Internet nationwide; developing FPT television services; developing OTT services such as FPT Play, Fshare, and Star Talk; and catching up with IoT trend and globalization.