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FPT Telecom launched SIS online interview system

Press , 04-24-2018 17:39

FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) officially launched the online interview system SIS (Smart Interview System) which is used for recruiting personnel across the country, enabling candidates to approach employers anytime and at anywhere.

SIS online interview system helps save time and cost

In addition to providing benefits to businesses, this system will provide candidates with a new platform that is extremely useful in finding, applying and interviewing for FPT Telecom.
Instead of just submitting the application and waiting for a call from the employer, now with SIS, the applicant can apply, take a test and conduct an on-site interview with just a laptop or a smartphone with an Internet connection. The traditional way of making appointment, traveling and participating in the interview will be minimized, making the candidate save the maximum time and effort.


The online recruitment process on SIS system consists of 5 steps:
Step 1: Go to the recruitment website to find out the positions.
Step 2: Simply click to select "Submit" and provide some basic information and then start applying.
Step 3: Take the online test.
Step 4: Online interview if passing step 3.
Step 5: Get results from employers.
In step 3, the questions in the system will be about the candidate's understanding of social issues, basic communication skills, natural science, basic reasoning calculations, along with questions about professional knowledge corresponding to a specific position.

As a large telecom company operating nationwide, FPT Telecom currently owns nearly 200 transaction offices in 59 provinces and cities as well as operates in other countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar.
With the rapid growth of human resources, the annual recruitment demand of FPT Telecom is huge. According to the statistics, last year there were 42,000 applications for all positions in FPT Telecom and its partner companies, of which the number of candidates with suitable records was about 25,000, equivalent to 59%.
Time for organizing about 3,500 interviews in the year has reached 8,000 hours. Therefore, the introduction of recruitment tools and online interviews will be an effective solution to save time, manpower and costs for screening candidates as well as preliminary interviews.
The SIS online interview tool was a big step in the recruitment industry. For large enterprises such as FPT Telecom, the screening and processing of personnel files will be much easier with high accuracy and reliability. It is worthy tobe a smart and convenient technology product.