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FPT Telecom provides dual-band Wi-Fi modem for new subscribers

Press , 01-04-2018 14:45

In addition to the program for new customers registering for fiber optic Internet services, FPT Telcom also subsidizes customers who are using the service and want to upgrade to dual-band Wi-Fi modem.

According to the latest updates from FPT Telecom, from now new customers registering for Fiber Optic Internet Services (FTTH) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi modem of 802.11ac 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wave 2 MU-MIMO standard with modern technology and extremely simple configuration operation.
This is a generation of Wi-Fi modems that use both the 2.4 GHz and 5 MHz bands simultaneously to avoid noise. With the new device, users have the opportunity to experience the maximum utility that fiber optic Internet connection brings such as faster speed, more stable signal and almost no interference when there are many users or many devices working at the same time, even when working online, streaming 4K content, and playing online games, etc. Especially when all new smartphones, laptops, and tablets have 2-band support, the new modem of FPT Telecom will help users of FTTH service make the most of the performance of technology equipment.

FPT Telecom's new Wi-Fi modem supports MU-MIMO dual band
Listed price of FPT Fiber Optic Internet service packages will not change compared to the current policy. The cost of deployed materials will be specified for each service package and incentives will be specified for each method of payment to best support the customers.
FPT Telecom affirmed that although the new Wi-Fi modem has a streamlined design with the antennas hidden inside the device, but it still ensures its maximum performance. This is a plus in design aesthetics compared to dual-band modems with multiple external antennas on the market recently.
The program to equip new customers registering for FPT optical fiber Internet service packages with dual-band Wi-Fi modem supporting MU-MIMO of FPT Telecom has been officially applied in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and will be applied to other provinces in the future. Especially for customers who are using fiber optic Internet services FPT and need to upgrade to a new Wi-Fi Modem, FPT representative said that FPT also has a special support program with preferential modem price of VND 990,000 (VAT included).