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FPT Telecom received awards for Service and Customer service

Press , 03-22-2019 20:29

FPT Telecom has just been named as “Fixed Internet service provider with the highest customer-satisfaction on service quality and customer service in 2019" at the awards ceremony "Mobile broadband and fixed Internet service provider in 2019” on March 22.

Mr. Chu Hung Thang - Deputy General Director of FPT Telecom received a medal from the organizer

Strictly selected, FPT received the support from many customers
The ceremony to announce and award the “Mobile broadband and fixed Internet service provider in 2019" was held solemnly on the evening of March 22, 2019 at JW Marriott Hotel, No. 8 Do Duc Duc, Hanoi. This is a prestigious technology event held annually by the International Data Group (IDG Vietnam) in collaboration with Vietnam Digital Media Association (VDCA).
Accordingly, FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) was honored to be awarded as “Fixed Internet service provider with the highest customer-satisfaction on service quality and customer service in 2019” thanks to the persistent efforts, continuing to affirm its strong position in the market of providing Internet services as well as in the hearts of Vietnamese customers.
The award was reviewed by IDG Vietnam based on 8 criteria including "Stability of transmission"; "Download speed (download)"; "Upload speed (upload)"; "Service packages"; "Reasonable rates"; "Customer service"; "Promotions" and "Time to resolve incidents and complaints". FPT Telecom has "surpassed" large telecom units to win the prize in the category “Fixed Internet service provider with the highest customer-satisfaction on service quality and customer service in 2019”. This result is a proof of the continuous efforts to expand and improve the quality of FPT Telecom's network in 2018.
The survey evaluating consumers' satisfaction in 2019 was conducted by International Data Group IDG and Vietnam Digital Media Association from January 1 to March 20, 2019 in eight major provinces/cities nationwide. The number of successful surveys was 5,130 for those who have been using mobile broadband services.
In particular, the interview questions were designed to clarify how mobile broadband services have met the needs of users, the general judgment of users about service quality as well as each specific criterion for evaluating and understanding the service usage habits.

Overview of the conference
In addition to conducting a regional survey in a scientific way, with high quality professional questions taken seriously, the organizers also established a Vote Advisory Council including the representatives from management agencies of the Ministry of Information and Communications; Associations (Digital Media, Internet, Radio Electronics); Telecommunication - IT companies; experts in the field of telecommunications, etc. The above factors have brought success to customers' survey and voting program.
Held for the first time in 2017, after three consecutive events, the award has built a reputation and become a source of many useful information about the level of satisfaction and feedback from customers using mobile broadband services as well as fixed Internet service providers. Through this, the units will have a basis to improve service and customer service quality, thereby achieving new developments in the future.
Bring customers the best experience
As one of the 7 member companies of FPT Group, with 22 years of development in the telecommunications sector, FPT Telecom has been at the forefront of providing leading products and services to meet the increasingly diverse demand and give customers the best and the most convenient experience while using. As the leader in providing broadband Internet service, owning the fastest 1Gbps SOC transmission line in Vietnam, FPT Telecom constantly develops incremental services on the Internet platform: IPTV and OTT television services, Cloud, and Home Security, etc. FPT TV pioneered in interactive TV through personalized applications, interactive games, interactive plays, Voice Remote - voice control exclusively for FPT Play devices Box + - the first TV Box device in Vietnam using Google's Android TV operating system, etc.
With the slogan: "Smart and dedicated service for you", FPT Telecom constantly invests in technology, digitizes interactive activities with customers through smart applications such as Hi FPT, e-contracts, and online payment to increase utilities, and helps customers reach out to the company with just one touch.
Together with the application of technology, direct contact points such as transaction counters, customer service switchboard or well-trained technical support staff with standardized professional style, and big investment in facilities with over 200 standard transaction counters nationwide help FPT Telecom get the ability to serve customers in the best way. Above all, FPT Telecom has always focused on the devoted and enthusiastic attitude of FPT spirit, always put the interests of customers first in the service process. Good service quality and customer service are also the reasons why FPT Telecom so far has received the trust and support of millions of domestic and foreign customers.