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Hi FPT - Smart "Touch" to Monitor Internet usage for children

Press , 05-21-2020 14:52

Not taking much effort to control how children use and what content they view on the Internet, is one of the highlights that Hi FPT brings to parents.

Working as an Office Admin, Ms. Pham Truong Phuong (Hoa Lac, Hanoi) only has time to take care for her 9-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son after working time at the office. However, when returning home, she has to spend too much time on cooking, cleaning the house or washing the clothes, etc.. She has no choice but letting her children be friends with the phones and televisions in the house.
Like Ms. Phuong, Mr. Nguyen Duc Trung and his wife (Van Dinh, Ung Hoa, Hanoi) often let their children play at home with devices like phones, computers and television because they feel that the city is too crowded and lack of places to play. Perhaps it is the most effective way for his family right now, but recently he noticed that his children are starting to "fall in love" with content on the Internet that is opened with a smartphone and on a TV.
And according to research, not only the case of the two families mentioned above, but many other families also have chosen to do the same with children in the house. Because according to the parents, this can limit the children to do bad things, moreover, the early exposure to the Internet is also good for brain development.
However, the problem is that if it is impossible to monitor the time frame and content the children watch, this may cause consequences in the future.
So how to control supervision? In the digital age, this is no longer the story of parents, but also the responsibility of Internet service providers to their customers. And Hi FPT of FPT Telecom is one of the digital applications launched in this context.
With a series of integrated features, Hi FPT has almost met the needs and desires of customers such as Modem management, Box management, New service registration, Bill payment and Support Request 24/7.

In the Internet Modem management feature, Customers can "Touch" to Turn On/Off WIFI remotely or use timer feature extremely conveniently. It means that, now even when there is no Internet connection, your children will not cry or require to use your phone or computer anymore. In the management function of TV Box, Hi FPT also integrates the Children Monitoring utility of FPT Television. Accordingly, it only takes a few simple set-up operations in a few seconds, customers can control the content that they want their children to watch on FPT Television.
This feature allows users to set up and manage content applications with a password (keycode), so to be able to access these content, users need to enter a password to view. This utility also allows parents to set and control watch time and the content their children are allowed to watch on TV.
To install and use Hi FPT, users only need to access AppStore (iOS) or Play Store (Android) on their device to download. Then, users use their own phone number or Facebook, Google account to register for account activation. The provision of multiple login options is based on technology trends as well as user habits, thereby giving a friendly experience from "the first sight".
Along with that, Hi FPT is also equipped with a strong security layer, such as Face ID, PIN and Touch ID which are suitable for users' habits and devices.
Besides these outstanding features for customers who use FPT Telecom's services, Hi FPT also allows new users to register for FPT Internet/Television service right on their phone.
Recently, Hi FPT was also honored to receive the Sao Khue title - organized by VINASA since 2003 with the purpose of honoring and praising businesses, agencies, collectives and individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the development of Vietnam's software and information technology industry.

Mr. Nguyen Phu An - Director of Strategy and Planning of FPT Telecom received the trophy and the certificate of Sao Khue title 2020 for Hi FPT products.
FPT Telecom continuously strives to bring the best experience to customers, determining that the Customer experience will be the difference and strategic advantage of the Company with the goal of becoming the best customer experience telecommunications company in Vietnam.
To accomplish that, FPT Telecom identifies two basic factors: Customer-centric culture and Digital Transformation; in which Customer-centric culture is a fundamental element.
With Hi FPT, FPT Telecom hopes to bring "unique experience" to satisfy any customers.