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The Ministry of Information and Communications held a press conference to introduce the National Forum on Developing Vietnam Technology Companies

Press , 05-06-2019 16:15

On May 6, 2019, the Ministry of Information and Communications held a press conference to introduce the National Forum on Developing Vietnam Technology Companies. Vice Minister Phan Tam - Head of the Forum Organizer, chaired the press conference. Attending the meeting were representatives of departments and related agencies of the Ministry of Information and Communications, representatives of Vietnamese technology companies such as Haravan Company, VCCorp Company, Got It Company and numerous reporters of the central and local press agencies.
Overview of the press conference
The National Forum on Developing Vietnam Technology Companies with the theme: “Aspiration, Vision and Strategy for a Prosperous Vietnam" and the action slogan "Make in Vietnam" will be held on May 9, 2019 at the National Convention Center in Hanoi.
The first forum on developing Vietnam technology companies was organized as an important start, creating a driving force for the growth of the Vietnamese technology business ecosystem, hoping to transform the country into a technological giant, soon realizing the goal of Vietnam becoming a developed industrial country.
Vietnamese technology enterprises use human technology to tackle Vietnam issues, and from Vietnam, these enterprises will go global and tackle global issues. In this process, Vietnamese technology enterprises will master and Make in Vietnam the whole process of creating, designing, integrating products and services, mastering technology, and developing technology to not only use but also contribute new technology to the world.
Vietnamese technology enterprises are responsible for upgrading the position of the national economy in the global value chain and leading the digital transformation process nationwide in order to create a digital economy and society.

Deputy Minister Phan Tam delivered the opening speech at the press conference
Speaking at the press conference, Deputy Minister Phan Tam stated that the forum on developing Vietnam technology companies is a leading event for technology application, transfer, research and development community. This is a place to share, inspire, propose solutions, breakthrough ideas, mobilize and gather resources of the whole society to develop tens and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese technology enterprises.
The event is estimated to attract around 1,000 delegates representing the Government, ministries, agencies and localities, along with hundreds of locals, foreign experts and businesspeople involved in the technology sector in Vietnam. Politburo member, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc will attend the Forum and give a speech.
Topics will be presented and discussed at the forum, including:
Vietnamese technology businesses tackle Vietnamese issues: The speakers will share about the status of application and development of Vietnamese technology to solve the problems of Vietnam, business production problems that need technology solutions in the future; success of some Vietnamese technology enterprises to help organizations and enterprises renew their products and services; in changing the operating model, governance, and making high efficiency.
Vietnamese technology businesses help the nation escape the middle-income trap: In order to achieve a high average income level in 2045, Vietnam needs to study and learn from experiences of countries such as Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore that have become "Asian Tigers" for several decades. Experts from Korea, ADB Vietnam and Fulbright University will share international experience in developing technology enterprises as well as experience of socio-economic development based on developing technology enterprises.
Policies and solutions to develop Vietnamese technology businesses: Vietnamese technology enterprises will present and share about the status and policy recommendations to promote Vietnam's technology development; development of technology enterprises and technological enterprise ecosystems.
The speakers will discuss with participants in the Forum. Discussion is an opportunity for organizations, managers, professionals as well as businesses to have the opportunity to directly ask questions and share practical experiences to find the most appropriate orientations and solutions. for the development of technology enterprises in Vietnam in the future.
Measures to connect technology businesses: Speakers and delegates will discuss solutions to connect technology enterprises with organizations and businesses operating in different sectors of the economy such as agriculture, health, and public services, etc. Organizations and businesses will have the opportunity to interact, directly exchange and establish business cooperation relationships with technology enterprises to improve production and business efficiency, contributing to development of a prosperous Vietnam.

Mrs. To Thi Thu Huong, Deputy Director of the IT Department, Ministry of Information and Communications introduced detailed information about the Forum
In the framework of the event, there will be an exhibition on prominent technological products and solutions that are produced and supplied by Vietnamese technology companies and have great socio-economical potential in reality.
This display is divided into 5 areas of Industry 4.0; Electronic Economy – Commerce – Finance; Transport – Construction – Environment – Natural Resources; Healthcare – Tourism; and Agriculture and Digital Transformation Process.