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Fshare is the leading online data storage and sharing Social network in Vietnam on the platform of cloud computing technology with the best storage capacity located in the international standard data centers of FPT Telecom.

Customers will have 50GB storage with fast download / upload speed after successful registration. However, to meet the needs of learning, work, entertainment ... increasingly high, Fshare provides 3 main service packages. Refer to Fshare service packages: Here.


Fshare-info-1.png is designed on an interface using Vietnamese and English languages to serve the needs for online data storage and sharing of Vietnamese people and foreigners.


Fast data transfer (upload/download) rates allow customers to easily store all their data


The payment policy and method at Fshare are really diverse and flexible by way of connection with the most popular and reputable e-wallets nowadays such as: Airpay, Momo, Napas; Visa card,SMS, paypal…

function.png FEATURES
Outstanding features
Directory tracking “Directory tracking” makes the tracking of the contents from the Internet such as: Blockbusters, software, etc. become easier than ever. Particularly, whenever there is a new content, the system will send a notification via the Notify button of See details HERE!
Watch online The “watch online” feature allows users to watch live of the stored file formats, and also to add subtitle files when watching videos in their own Fshare accounts. See details HERE!
Download files to
your account
The “Download files to your account” feature at makes it easy for Customers to download and store their favorite contents in their own accounts. See details HERE!
Send large files Features send large files via email. The size of attachments is set to 20 GB, which is far beyond the capacity of leading email tools like Gmail and Outlook. Fast and convenient sending speed. You can use the service for free. See details HERE!
function.png FEATURES

Always updated with new, user-friendly, and practical technology features aimed at building customer’s loyalty to the service.

Warning file delete
Viewing Online video
Drag/drop file uploading
File Copying 
File downloading to account 
App Fshare for Mobile/PC/MAC
Favorite link
Password file setting
Folder following
Giving money/points to another accounts
price.png CHARGE RATES

1.Storage Package

Package Name Purchasing monthly Purchasing annually Payment method
1TB Package 100.000 VND 1.000.000 VND For members with large storage needs
Download, upload speed: high 1TB-100TB of securely of storage
Download into account
Watching online 
See details HERE!
5TB Package 450.000 VND 4.500.000 VND
10TB Package 850.000 VND 8.500.000 VND
20TB Package 1.600.000 VND 16.000.000 VND

2. VIP 

Package Name Price (VND) Payment method
VIP 30 days 60.000 For members who need to download
Download, upload speed: high
300GB storage
Download into account Watching online
See details  HERE!
VIP 90 days 160.000
VIP 365 days 500.000
VIP daily 5.000


Package Name Price (VND) Register syntax
200 GB 100.000 Traffic is software packages for specialized uploaders, such as Game Company or a large number of people want to share, then the linker can download at a high speed without registration account Fshare. See details HERE!
1000 GB 400.000
3000 GB 1.000.000

4. SMS

Package Price (VND) Register syntax Detail
VIP 2 days 15.000 FSHARE account code or
FSHARE send 8777/8700
Fcode 15.000 Fcode send 8777 5 downloads/24 hour


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