FPT Anti-DDoS is the attack protection system, that monitors, alerts and protects customers' systems against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

FPT Telecom Anti-DDoS system protects the internal system and FPT Telecom customers' systems, and also provides anti-DDoS services to external customers, especially for those who use FPT Telecom data transmission lines.

FPT Telecom Anti-DDoS system can identify connections from a botnet and immediately block those connections. Also, FPT Telecom network can carry out data bypass to reduce the load on the systems to prevent them from being overloaded in case if the traffic is too heavy. FPT Telecom provides the extensive network of transmission lines with high bandwidth and advanced pro-effective anti-DDoS solutions optimized for all our customers.


Penetration test and security audit service scans, tests and analyzes the configuration, current status and data log of the information system. It detects vulnerabilities and weaknesses, provides risk assessment and shows all information insecurities.

It is the essential service for all information technology systems. It helps to detect and prevent early threats, enhance compliance with information security policies, and ensure security and confidentiality of important and sensitive information of the systems.

Penetration test service

Scanning and penetration test service aims to test and identify weaknesses of the system in order to improve its security and privacy.
Pentest service helps to secure the whole system on every stage: design, deployment, test and operation. Pentest service guarantees:

  • Information protection;
  • Strengthen application management and network infrastructure;
  • Meeting the requirements and standards;
  • Continuously improving application software.

Security audit service

System safety and security audit service determines the level of system safety and security, ensuring that the system complies with security standards and protocols. Compliance with security standards and protocols helps the system to reduce risks of attacks and ensure its data security.
Examples of system safety and security standards and protocols, which are highly valued for its quality: ISO 27001, PCI DSS, CIS CSC, NIST, etc.

Security system review and optimization service

Security system review and optimization service evaluates the optimization and system's safety from design to parameters' configuration of each particular individual system and the whole system in general. Regular reviewing and optimization helps to minimize risks, vulnerabilities and negligence in its operationof the system.


Security Operations Center -- SOC is the centralized unit that deals with security issues. Our security analysts constantly work in this center to detect, analyze, react, report and prevent cybersecurity incidents.

SOC addresses the remaining shortcomings of cybersecurity devices in the system by integrating People, Technology and Operations.

1. Technology. By technology we mean monitoring, analysis, incident detection and incident investigation solutions.
2. People. Our experts in the Security Operations Center are assigned to monitor, coordinate and troubleshoot operations in the system.
3. Operations. This process includes regulations, procedures and information security policies of the system.


All our employees are highly qualified specialists with the necessary knowledge and expertise. All members performs teir particular tasks within the system following the standard procedure.

  • Alert Analyst: is responsible for monitoring, supervision and receiving alerts from the system 24/7. Upon an alert from the system, he analyzes, evaluates and transfers this alert to the Incident Responder or SME/Hunter.
  • Incident Responder: is responsible for receiving alerts from the Alert Analyst and preventing incidents.
  • SME/Hunter: directly handles security incidents, performs investigation, and provides commands to prevent any incidents or crashes.
  • SOC Manager: receives reports and analyses from the SME/Hunter. The SOC Manager is the spokesperson in case of any system incident and is responsible for notifying everyone and solving issues.


Incident response service responds to any information security incidents and troubleshoots them in order to detect and prevent any vulnerabilities of the system.

FPT Telecom provides customers with high-level expert support and advanced security support tools to coordinate customers in case of any information security incidents. FPT Telecom specialists isolate an incident, limit its impact on the system, investigate, find the cause of the incident, then troubleshoot and implement necessary preventive measures to help the system to avoid any similar incidents.

The process of FPT Telecom incident response service includes this following steps:
  • 1. Receive incident response requests from customers;
  • 2. Gather information and identify incidents in the system;
  • 3. Immediately discuss and agree on the methods of troubleshooting;
  • 4. Take action to isolate that incident in order to limit the spread of impacts;
  • 5. Investigate, trace the roots of the incident and determine its impact on the system;
  • 6. Report the incident causes and impacts to customers, discuss the plan of the system recovery, and optimal solutions to prevent any further incidents;
  • 7. Restore and recover the system, troubleshoot remaining incident impacts;
  • 8. Take optimal preventive measures to avoid the risk of similar incidents;
  • 9. Final report and customer's agreement, then closing the incident response case.
FPT Telecom has the team of experts with many years of experience in information security, who:
  • Can quickly grasp the overall system;
  • Have knowledge and skills to investigate and analyze system logs;
  • Have malicious code decompilation skills;
  • Have a lot of experience in incident troubleshooting.
FPT Telecom provides emergency information rescue services, such as:
  • Attack protection system (DoS, DDoS ...);
  • Handling malware infection and outbreak;
  • Anti-spam and anti-fraud;
  • Prevention of system hijacking.


High-tech expert team

Our team of security experts is highly-qualified and internationally recognized. We are experienced in system deployment and responding to domestic and international information security incidents.

Professional assessment service

Our assessment procedures and evaluation techniques are compliant with all necessary international and national security standards.

Professional incident response service

Fast, accurate and professional incident response services.
Incident response within 30 minutes.
Taking actions and troubleshooting in less than 24 hours.


We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of services and the most reasonable prices.