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The VIP package owns nearly 200 domestic and international TV channels with many outstanding content, event channels, sports, entertainment, news... In the video on demand (VOD) segment, FPT Play provides series, broadcasted simultaneously with the original countries such as China, Korea, Thailand... Besides, retail movies, TV shows, content regarding life, health, family ... (in the Edumall package) and the children's program are also updated quickly. Particularly, the VIP package also provides the HBO Go movie store with many attractive blockbusters without any ads.

In addition, customers will be able to enjoiy other content in categories for free such as Movies, Children, KaraTV, Sports... or participate in interactive game programs: Choi Hay Chia, FPT Play IQ.


function-tv Television


With nearly 200 domestic and international TV channels with a variety of outstanding content, including 70 HD quality channels, customers can easily choose different content to suit their preferences. TV channels are divided into groups such as Children's Channel Group: Cbeebies, Cartoon Network HD,...

Group of Hollywood, European and American, Asian feature film channels: HBO,  Red by HBO, Cinemax, ...

General entertainment channel group (sports, fashion, music...): AXN HD, Fox HD, Discovery, Blue Ant Extreme, Fox Sport HD...

In particular, the VIP package also owns the HBO Go movie store with many attractive content

Smart features when watching TV:

Replay : Review previously broadcast programs up to 48 hours.
EPG electronic broadcast schedule: View the schedule and set the timer for the program you want to watch.

Maximum devices:  One account can log in and use up to 5 devices simultaneously

Custom language: Allows users to turn on / off the voiceover, Vietnamese subtitles or the original language of many international TV channels.

Monitor children's content: Make it easy for parents to set up and manage children's viewing content by age through a password.

Favorite: is a feature that helps audiences save their favorite channels and programs.

function-film Movies and series


Thousands of domestic and international movies, TV shows.


Diverse and unique content, genres, classified into groups for easy searching and tracking. New episodes are broadcated simultaneously with the original countries.


Continuously, daily updated diverse genres, from action, horror, psychology, activities, documentaries, ... to Korean series, Vietnamese series, Chinese language series, My European series...


Children supervision features, optional languages for movie narration and subtitle 

function-children.pngfor Children


Lively and fastinating programs, helping children with both entertaining and educational purposes


New and interesting content such as movies, music, story-telling, learning English, discovering the world... Foreign programs with Vietnamese narration for children.


Zoom applications integrated and other online learning programs for students of all levels.



Copyright of top sports tournaments such as UEFA Champions League 2021 - 2024, UEFA Europa League 2021-2024, UEFA Youth League 2021-2024, UEFA Super Cup 2021/24, matches under the AFC system 2021/24, qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup in Asia...and many other sports programs.


Up-to-date sports news in the Newsletters and Specialty Magazines section.


Utilities with the Exercise Guide application, including instructional videos by experts so that viewers can actively practice at home.


Participate in interactive football prediction to receive valuable rewards.



Entertainment programs: TV Show, Music, Comedy and Theater categories, meeting the demands of viewers from all ages and regions.


Not only keeping up with broadcast schedules of stations to bring to the audience the most novel and attractive Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, European-American TV programs, FPT Play also delves into the traditional content: cai luong, don ca, quan ho and cheo (Reformed Theatre).



Live international entertainment and sports events such as music, fashion, football... Customers can watch live performance at home and enjoy the most authentic atmosphere as if they were at the event.



Integrated with popular applications such as Youtube, online music listening, online newspaper reading, Fadio ...
Enjoy singing thousands of Karaoke songs with KaraTivi application.


FPT Remote app on Android or iOS mobile devices with internet connection allows users to control TV via touch screen and voice. FPT Remote can completely replace the functions of the traditional remote.

Plans and pricing

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