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introduce.png INTRODUCTION

With the booming of content on the online platform, the Internet is now not only used to read news and connect people, but also a platform for exchanging data, posting news, and working online, etc. Facing the more and more sophisticated demand from users, FPT Telecom provides 05 fiber optic Internet packages with access speed of 150Mbps or higher, ensuring fast transmission speed, agility to catch up with technology trends as well as the motto to serve customers 24/7.

function.png FEATURES

Advantages of FTTH service of FPT Telecom include:

  • FTTH-f1.png
    High Internet access speed, up to 1 GB/sec (1Gbps)
  • FTTH-f5.png
    Easy and convenient registration via the switchboard, on the website or at the transaction offices of FPT Telecom nationwide
  • FTTH-f2.png
    Signal quality is stable, not affected by weather and cable length...
  • FTTH-f6.png
    Quick service installation time, maximum 3-5 days
  • FTTH-f3.png
    Safety equipment (no fear of lightning spreading all over the wire)
  • FTTH-f7.png
    Clear fee management
  • FTTH-f4.png
    Effectively meet the requirements of modern information technology applications such as private server hosting, VPN (virtual private network), data transfer, online games, IPTV (interactive television), VoD (watching movies on demand) , Video conference, and IP Camera, etc.
  • FTTH-f8.png
    24/7 customer support
  • FTTH-f9.png
    Easily upgrade bandwidth without new cables
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