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title-2.png Privacy policy.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy.

For the purpose of ensuring safety for the website and privacy of customer’s information, FPT Telecom regulates privacy policy applicable to individual customers and organizations when creating accounts on the website
The term “Users” used hereinafter refers to individual customers or organizations when accessing and using the service set forth on the website
We keep the right to change, update, and supplement this policy at any time. The amended version shall come into effect at the time of an update. If Users continue to use the website following an update to the privacy policy, Users signify that You understand and accept to be bound by the Privacy Policy of FPT Telecom.
  1. Purposes of information collection
Information collection via website helps us to:
  • Provide services to Users or delivery according to Users’ requests (if any)
  • Instantly update promotions and discount programs…
  • Support Users when having complaints, comments in the fastest way.
  • Prevent intrusive activities, stealing User’ account or counterfeiting Users.
  • Contact and settle with Users in special cases related to FPT’s services.
  • Under the regulations of Vietnamese laws: FPT is responsible for providing the personal information of Users, under the request of the government authorities includes: the procuracies, courts, investigate agencies, relating to their violations against the laws. Except this regulation, noone has the right to infringe the personal information of Users.
  1. Scope of information collection
  1. The datas of the collection mostly includes without limitation: email, phone, user’s name, password, address, ID number, passport number, nationality, business registration certificate và other information related to the provision of FPT’s services and products. These are the mandatory information which the Users shall provide when registering the services and FPT uses them to confirm the User’s identity on website to ensure Users’ rights.
  2. Users are responsible for keeping confidential information and storing all activities of service use under registered username, password and email. Furthermore, Users are responsible for informing FPT about the illegal use, misuse, violation of confidentiality, the storage on user’s name and password of the third party in order to have prompt and appropriate solutions.
  1. Scope of information use
We understand that privacy and security are important to user, for this reason, we commit not to use user’s information if such use does not benefit to the user, we also guarantee that no sale, exchange of user’s confidential information to other third party is allowed. However, under some special cases, we may reasonably share such user’s information if:
  • Being approved by the user.
  • To protect our company and company’s partners: We only disclose personal information of user after thorough and deliberate consideration that such information will help to protect benefits, properties of our company and related partners. Such information shall be disclosed legally in compliance with Vietnamese laws.
  • Being requested by regulatory authorities after our consideration that such request is legitimate in accordance with Vietnamese laws.
  • Under some cases where provision of user’s information is necessary, such as promotions sponsored by the third party for example, we will inform user before such user’s information is shared. User is entitled to decide to share such information or participate in programs or not.
  1. Duration of information storage
FPT will store all personal information provided by Users in our internal system during our service supply to Users, or to the time we complete the purpose of information collection or following a request from Users to remove provided information.
  1. Information of the entity which collects and manages Personal Identifiable Information
FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company
Headquaters: 1st Floor, FPT Building, Duy Tan Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Tel: (84-4) 7300 2222  Fax: (84-4) 7300 8889
  1. Methods and tools for Users to access and edit personal information.
Users is able to perform aforementioned rights itself by accessing to the website or contacting us via email or contact address available on the website
  1. Commitment to protect Users’ personal information
  • We guarantee to ensure safety of information for Users when such personal information is registered. We guarantee that we shall not exchange customer’s information for business purposes. All sharing and usage of such information must be in compliance with our privacy policy. We truly believe that we will make Users reliable and satisfied with our privacy policy after engaging in and using our services.
  • To protect Users’s information on the highest level, we truly recommend that Users should limit the auto-signing in to account, notice to your password saving and ensure the signing out of account after using a public computer to sign in to your account on our website. We shall not be liable for personal data leaks due to such reasons thereof.
  • Privacy policy is only applicable to information which has been registered on our official website Any registered information on other websites or addresses will not belong to scope of Privacy Policy.
  • We employ a variety of safety measures designed to protect Users’ information from unauthorized access and disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee that Users’ personal information or private communications will always remain private and secure.
  1. Other connections
  1. Connection to other websites
In some unexpected cases, the website may provide some links to other websites or resources. Users shall be solely liable for using such links. FPT assumes no obligation to evaluate or authenticate content, accuracy, viewpoint presented on such websites and resources. FPT assumes no obligation with respect to the accuracy, presented content, safety and displaying or hiding such information on websites and resources thereof.
  1. Connection from other websites
FPT will not give permission to any Internet service providers to “place” or “dip” any parts of a website to another site or use technical measures to change the interface/ default display of the website without our prior consent.
  1. Exemption of liability
  • Information presented on the website will not be ensured or assumed any liabilities by FPT for the comfort of product, service chosen by Users.
  • FPT refuses to take responsibility or ensure website is error-free, safe, uninterrupted or ensure the accuracy, adequacy and timing of presented information.
  • By accessing to this website, Users is deemed to have agreed that FPT, other providers together with their affiliates, employees shall not be liable for direct or indirect injury, loss, lawsuit, damage due to unpredictability or consequence, in whatever forms, in relation to: (1) Usage of information on this website; (2) Connectivity from the website; (3) Member registration, registration for email receipt or participation in frequent customer program held by FPT.

Account registry and use agreement.

Account Registry and Use Agreement on website (hereinafter referred as “Agreement”) is the legal agreement between FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred as “FPT”) and the customers using services provided at the website (hereinafter referred as “Users”).
  1. Term of use
  • In order to access and conduct the transactions on, Users shall agree and comply with these terms under this Agreement.
  • When accessing by any devices (computer, phone, television or other internet-connected devices), Users are also subject to this Agreement.
  • To comply with the legal regulations, the terms herein may be updated or edited at any time without prior notice to the Users. FPT will publish such update or edition on the website
  1. Account registration and services use on website
  1. To register, User undertakes that User:
  1. is the person of legal age to take part in the binding agreements; or
  2. is granted the prior permission of User’s parent or User’s the legal representative.
  1. In addition, when using the website and website’s services, Users also agree the following terms:
  1. Registered mobile phone number, email of customer is real to determine his identifies and owned by customer. Customer is responsible for keep these registered mobile phone number, email confidential. In case of loss or change of registered mobile phone number, email, customer shall inform to FPT as soon as possible.
  2. Take responsibilities under the laws about use purposes and accuracy of information provided by yourself, ensure the service registry and use legally, and not violate any lawful rights of other individuals, organisations.
  3. Users may change the account name but the name shall be set in accordance with FPT's terms, not violate the prohibitions under this Agreement.
  4. Complying with terms and conditions stipulated at the address
  1. Limitation of Liability
  1. If there is risk, damage arising from force majeure, including but not limited, electrical fire, damage of hardware, software, internet traffic incidents or natural disasters and so on, Users have to accept risks and damages if any. FPT commits to make the best effort for reducing such risk, damage, but FPT does not take any liabilities in these cases.
  2. FPT is not responsible for any risk about transaction of the User with the third party in the process of using services. When Users trade with the third party, Users have to understand and agree that they are responsible for such arising risks by themselves.
  3. FPT's legal liability for any damage or loss which is suffered by Users shall not exceed the amount of the money that FPT received from Users to use registered service.
  1. Exemption
In the maximum extent permitted by laws, Users agree to protect, compensate and keep harmless to FPT, FPT's dependent affiliates and representative directors, officers, employees and agents from any and all complaints, acts, lawsuits or proceedings, as well as any and all damages, liabilities, damages and expenses (including attorneys' fees) arising from or in connection with Users' use of the website or Users’ violation of the Agreement.
  1. Rights and Obligations of Users
  1. Rights of Users
When joining the website, Users will be guaranteed the following rights:
  1. Right to freely change the account password at the website to conduct the transactions.
  2. Right to secure account information.
  3. Right to secure Users' confidential information.
  1. Obligations of Users
  1. Comply with regulations under this Agreement and the relevant regulations of laws.
  2. Users are responsible for keeping the information about account, email, phone number confidential, if such information is disclosed by any ways, Users shall be responsible for the incurred risks, losses and damages. FPT will base on the existing information in the account to decide the account holders if there is the dispute and FPT shall not be responsible for any incurred damages.
  3. Users agree to immediately notify to FPT about any case to use illegally Users’ account and password or have any action about breaking up the security system. Users are fully responsible for keeping the confidential information about username and password. For reasons of privacy and prevention of the unauthorized access, Users shall log out of our website in accordance with the procedure after each time of use. In all cases, FPT shall not be responsible for any damages or losses of any arising problems and/or impact by Users and/or result of access and/or use account illegally of the third party.
  4. User shall not send or transmit any message relating to promotion, invitation, chain letter, investment opportunity or any method of contact with commercial purpose which User does not expect, spam or spam text message.
  5. Users shall not send or transmit any information or software containing any virus, Trojan, bug or any harmful part.
  6. If Users detect the fault from FPT, please notify to FPT via the following address:
    Email   :
    Hotline   : 1900 6600
    Support 24/7 : HiFPT
  1. Users may be fined for the administrative violations, prosecuted for criminal liabilities if Users infringe the copyright, related rights regarding to website use.
  1. Comply with the other rights and obiligations under the laws.
  1. Rights and obligations of FPT
  1. Rights of FPT
  1. Provide the information of Users in case that there is a request of the competent authorities.
  2. Access to customer’s account when necessary.
  3. FPT reserves the right, at any time, to prohibit or refuse access of User to the account or any part of the website immediately without prior notice if User violates any terms in this Agreement, or the access prohibition derives from FPT’s judgement, when FPT consider that such refuse is reasonable and necessary. 
  1. Obligations of FPT
  1. Support account owners during website use
  2. Take responsibilities for ensuring private information, personal information of Users confidential, informing Users about the rights and obligations.
  3. Ensure the Users’ rights to decide when Users’ personal information is allowed to provide to other organizations, businesses, individuals.
  4. Receive and resolve the complaints of customers during the period of services use, however, FPT only support, receive and settle such complaints for the registered accounts with full, true and accurate information.
  1. Miscellaneous
  1. FPT reserve the right to modify Agreement and our information without prior notice, at any time, including but not limited to, charges about access and/or use of the website.
  2. The failure of FPT to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of such right or provision or affect to the validity of a part or entire of the Agreement.
  3. The provisions of this Agreement are independent of and severable from each other. If any provision is found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, that provision shall be deemed modified to the extent necessary to make it valid and operative, or if it cannot be so modified, eliminated, and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in full force and effect as if this Agreement had been signed with the invalid portion so modified or eliminated.
  4. Users waive trial by jury in any action between both parties. This Agreement and the relationship between Users and FPT under this Agreement shall be governed by the Vietnamese laws. Users and FPT agree to choose the International Arbitration Centre Vietnam (VIAC), under its Commercial Arbitration Rules to settle any dispute arising out of this Agreement.
  5. This Agreement shall be binding on Users from the time that Users agree during the account registration process.