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1. How to register an Fshare account?

To use Fshare you must first register 01 account. The registration is really simple:
  • Go to homepage and select “Register”. Please fill in the information required by the service provider and check the box “Agree to all terms of Fshare”. Then click the “Register” button.
  • An email requesting authentication will be sent to the email you just used to register and you need to click on the authentication link to activate your account, the process of registering your Fshare account then is completed, you can use Fshare service now.

2. How to upgrade to Fshare VIP account?

Purchase the account via payment channels: You can pay to upgrade from Free account to VIP account in following methods:
  • Send a SMS with syntax: FSHARE VIP Accountcode to 8777, VND 15,000/SMS/03 days use of VIP account.
Each account upon registration will be granted 1 account code, you can see this code when signing in the homepage
For example: My account code is 52, I will write: FSHARE VIP 52 to 8777
Methods for direct purchase of account: You may upgrade to VIP Fshare account directly through such payment gateways integrated on the website as Payoo, Bao Kim, Ngan luong, OnePay, Sohapay, etc.
Go to: > Select the wanted service package > Select a payment gateway and follow the instructions on the screen.
Method for depositing in Fshare wallet, then upgrade your account: You may deposit in Fshare wallet using top-up card, GATE card (issued by FPT Online), Zing card, etc.
After depositing, go to: > Select the wanted service package > Payment."

3. What to do with Fshare account?

Store all your data, from movies, wedding DVDs, photos, documents, games, to personal data software.
Easily share any data stored on the Fshare USB to your colleagues, partners, friends or relatives with just a few simple clicks.
With the help of the Fshare Tool, you can easily download the hottest entertainment contents, software, music, and documents.
Store images on handheld devices.”

Note to Client: "Quý khách bè" Please revise this phrase. I think it should be "bạn bè" here.

4. What are the outstanding features of Fshare compared to other storage and sharing services?

The interface is in Vietnamese and English to suit the needs of various customers in and outside the country.
Diverse service packages: VIP package by day (VND 5,000/ day and VND 15,000/ 03 days); 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year VIP packages are depending on the user’s needs.
Convenient and flexible payment methods: payment by top-up card, GATE card, Zing card, payment through SMS or online payment gateways (Payoo, Ngan Luong, Bao Kim, Onepay, Sohapay, etc.); Fshare’s support through the “Fshare tool” makes it easier for the download and upload process.
Many new and typical features which are constantly updated and enhanced: Automatic detection of links , Hotfile/Directlink, etc."

Note to ED: "Tự động bắt link" Từ này em không chắc ạ.

5. What is guaranteed capacity? What is unguaranteed capacity?

  • Guaranteed capacity is the non-deletable volume of a VIP account. By default, each VIP account will have 50GB of guaranteed capacity.
  • Unguaranteed capacity: Is the default capacity of a VIP Fshare account, which is 250GB; when you upload a file, if within 30 days there is no one downloading your file, it will be deleted. When you upload via the web or by Fshare tool, all the uploaded data will be by default moved to the guaranteed space.”

6. How to get the content needed from Fshare? Does Fshare provide it?

Fshare only provides accounts for users to store data and share data with you; Fshare does not provide contents because it  involves copyrighted publications, you can go to such browser like Google and type in the content needed together with the keyword “Fshare”

7. How to recover lost password?

You can follow 4 steps:
Step 1: Visit the website
Step 2: Click “Forgot password”.
Step 3: Enter email information and verification code => Click “reset password”
Step 4: Check your email and confirm your new password.”

8. Mine is a VIP account but when downloading it is notified as a GUEST account?

You can follow 3 steps:
Step 1: Open a browser such as IE, Firefox or Chrome.
Step 2: Clear cache and cookies.
Step 3: Close the browser and reopen it.”

9. What is the simplest method to buy a VIP account?

There are many ways to activate your VIP account, besides buying the VIP account through the payment gateways integrated on, you can choose the following methods.
Send a SMS with syntax: FSHARE VIP Accountcode to 8777 (VND 15,000/SMS/03 days use of VIP account).

10. How to handle when it is unable to download from the current account, showing the message “Your account is being used on another computer”?

There are two cases as below
Case 1: Please check and download all unfinished files (if any). You should note that during the download process, do not change your IP or share your account to anyone else.
Case 2: If you have completed the download and not shared your account to anyone but still receive the message “Your account is being used on another computer”, you can go to Account, Settings  -> click on the “Confirm” box under the “Delete all download versions” section (confirm not to share account). By clicking on “Confirm”, Fshare will automatically send an email to verify the deletion, then you can download as normal.
Note: You must wait for 60 minutes to be able to request to “Delete the previous download session” for the next time

11. Error 1004: Invalid IP address?

This error is mostly caused by the use of devices with constantly changing IP addresses during the download process, which may be due to network disconnection, modem restart, or use of proxy software such as TOR, Google Data Saver, etc. To fix, please disable the above software or similar one.